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Dunn, Sam (Director)
Super Duper Alice Cooper (DVD)
July 2014
Released: 2014, Eagle Rock Entertainment
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

The latest rockumentary from Banger Films, the Toronto based production company whose previous credits include "Iron Maiden: Flight 666" "Metal Evolution" and "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage" now comes "Super Duper Alice Cooper" a retrospective overview of the early career of shock rocker pioneer Alice Cooper.

SUPER DUPER ALICE COOPER is centered around the early beginnings of the Alice Cooper group, from the band's early beginnings as a high school talent show act dubbed "The Earwigs" on to the later incarnation as "The Spiders" and then finally settling on Alice Cooper upon the insistent advice of a ouija board. Director Sam Dunn uniquely presents this story to the viewer by largely incorporating the use of narrated 3-D photography. I can't recall a documentary employing this kind of technique before and it instantly distances itself from other rock documentaries, for better or worse by doing so.

If you've read Alice's autobiography "Golf Monster" then you'll likely recognize SUPER DUPER ALICE COOPER as being the condensed version, so to speak, of Alice's illustrious career. Where this film really works is juxtaposing archival concert and interview footage plus hindsight commentary from the band further solidifying Alice as the archetypal rock villain of the seventies. This is the beer drinking, chicken chucking, boa constrictor wielding, guillotine splicing, hard rock icon otherwise known as "every parent's worst nightmare" and SUPER DUPER has the resources to show you why.

The original Alice Cooper group, as it were, splits after the lackluster release of "Muscle of Love" and Alice goes solo with his brilliant "Welcome To My Nightmare" solo affair. The constant wear and tear of the road and the toll taken on Alice as a performer results in his rampant alcoholism and eventual drug use, a stint in an institution and eventually... golf.

The chronological documentary ends with Alice Cooper's "Constrirctor/Raise Your Fist and Yell" lineup and never offers any commentary on the obvious comeback albums "Trash" and "Brutal Planet" or anything he has done since.

Though you get the feeling that this film just touches on the tip of the iceberg of all things Alice, it is still a recommended viewing, especially if you are unfamiliar with Alice's work from the seventies. I've seen a lot of Alice Cooper footage in my twenty four year's as a fan and a I had never seen a lot of the vintage stuff used in SUPER DUPER ALICE COOPER. It's also really cool to hear from the old band members and Alice himself, as their story is told.
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