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July 2014
Released: 2014, Wannabe Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Bobnoxious fan ever since that instant I first heard the opening track of the debut CD while driving around Southern Ontario in the ‘Rock You’ Jetta. That moment and then meeting Bob within the hour began my love of the band and I have been a fan and huge supporter ever since.

The entire E.O.A. disc is filled with this heaviness that sets a Bob album apart from the pact. It’s not as heavy as Bob’s Razor material but equally intense and sure to satisfy your Metal cravings. It is the heaviest that Hard Rock can be, much heavier than a lot of bands that get labelled Metal in fact as it’s heavier than anything AC/DC have ever done. Bobnoxious is the Canadian equivalent to Motörhead.

When I first heard the title track; “E.O.A.” I had to laugh as I know the area that Bob is referring to. I did hear of some E.O.A.ers getting a little upset over it and my take is that it’s just a song, get over it. Even Bob himself is an E.O.A. resident as he states toward the end of the song and the Mayor drummed on it. This title track is 100% Bobnoxious. It has the humor and the heaviness that we’ve all come to enjoy and expect. This continues throughout the album which took me a couple of spins to really get into and the more I listen to it the more I enjoy it. Surprisingly it didn’t grab my attention instantly as the debut did when I first heard it. I was equally surprised with the Ballad; “Sad Songs”. A very nice acoustic track where Bob gets to show a different side to his singing . Pleasently surprising as I was expecting it to kick in after the first verse. The other track on E.O.A. are heavy rockers in true Bob fashion. Killer guitar with heavy pounding bass and drums. The bass and drums really sound good on the album, moreso than usual. All previous albums sounded great but there is a slight edge here in the mix or recording. Darcy is an excellent player and sticks to holding the groove with some melodic bass-lines. Add in Wylie’s steady backbeat and you’ve got a rhythm section that does what it’s supposed to do. One thing that does really stand out is the guitar and the overall tone. It has that classic distorted crunch to it. As with the drum sound there is something slightly different to it. Recording? Mix? I do not know but whatever it is, it works. Deadly guitar sound and playing. Nothing that is over the top guitar noodling but exactly what is required, with precision and accuracy. Add it all together with Bob’s intense vocals and you have one hell of an album.

E.O.A. is an extremely enjoyable album from start to finish. If you are easily offended then avoid it as you may not enjoy the humor aspect or some of the lyrical content. All others...BUY IT! CRACK A BEER! CRANK IT UP! ENJOY!
Track Listing

Blow My Cover
Stop The Bleeding
Think It Over
All I Be
Die Or Survive
The Way It Goes
Funk It Up
I’m Not Home
Sad Songs
The Drinking Song


Bobnoxious - Vocals & Guitar
Chris - Lead Guitar
Darcy - Bass
Wylie - Drums
Jeffy B. - Guitar solos on E.O.A. and Die Or Survive

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