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Inhale the Void
July 2013
Released: 2013, FDA Rekotz
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Wound is a German death metal outfit that have punk influences and it sounds so old school you could get your grandpa to love it - but he probably won't, cause it's death metal to the core.

The album starts out simply enough, a small ethereal intro, guitars that have such a great tone, screams that hit you in the right place and bass that could bust anyone's guts wide open. It's a slow doomy intro that sets the stage just right. I am looking forward to what's coming my way. The songs on this album are great, old school but new at the same time. The riffs are brutal, blinding and played so well! Song structures and ideas are right on the money for how they portray themselves, nasty fat and punk infused death metal. That it is, and I am loving it so far. I love the punk-esque bass intro on track 7, this is kind of variety you find on this album, it's not formulaic, you can tell the musicians are really enjoying what they do and it comes out in the album.

The production isn't perfect, but that I guess stems from their punk attitude. But the best part is it's not a fake sounding production, everything sounds natural and human and it works so damn well. You can hear tiny scrapes and a slightly missed beat, the way the pick scrapes on the bass strings. I love this kind of sound. The vocals leave something to be desired but it's not a deal breaker.

The song ideas are put together really well, easy to follow structures that bring the songs together, there aren't really dips in the pace of the songs either, aside from the last one which is an acoustic outro I guess. It worked on Decaptitated's album and it's working here too. It just shows off what skillful musicians these guys really are.

All in all I'd recommend this album to any thrash fans as well as death metal, it mixed elements of a few genres really well and the album is gonna sit in my regular rotation for quite some time :)

Review by Kyle Sevenoaks
Track Listing

1. Odium
2. Codex Arcanum
3. Echoes
4. The Unsolved Obscurity
5. Forever Denial
6. Confess To Filth
7. Corroded From Within
8.Among You
9. The Price Of Tyranny
10. Inhale The Void


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