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Wall of the Eyeless
July 2013
Released: 2013, Unsigned
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Well…this album starts off with some pretty uninspiring super clean (like, no effects or character at all) guitaring, with some simple rhythms, making me feel like I’ve heard all this before. There are some harmonics but, this first track is like 9 minutes long with the first minute sounding clean and boring.

They pretty much do the same riff over with some distortion on it, but they are not great. Just as I ask myself if there are any vocals, the answer is YES! And I wish I hadn’t asked. The vocals sound like two slabs of granite rubbing against each other in vague time with the music. Where are the fast riffs and fast drums? Come on guys! I don’t know. It has all the components of a (bad) metal album, it’s just…boring. All the songs follow the same sort of uninspiring formula, weird samples, clean boring guitar riffs, fast boring distortion riff, some bad singing clean or otherwise, rinse, repeat, bore me to death.

The production is what you’d expect from a 2 man band recording in their basement but wait… it says here it was recorded at Fascination Street! WHAT? I thought that this would sound much better than this! If they get signed on the back of this, there’s something wrong with the world.

Review by Kyle Sevenoaks
Track Listing

1: Flicker
2: The Longest Winter
3: Revulsion Fever
4: Piercing Mist


SL - electric & acoustic guitars, vocals, bass, harmonica
Simon - drums and percussion

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