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Ulfarr - Hrafnblóð
Wulfhere [Spilt CD]
July 2013
Released: 2013, UKEM Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

With an unbelievable beautiful intro, British Ulfarr starts off this split release with fellow Brits in Hrafnblóð. From the melodic and easy listening intro it turns into old school, slow black metal where money hasn’t been spend on expensive recording equipment. For fans of coldblooded black metal and fans with time on their hand to give this a good listen, Ulfarr can deliver.

It is very atmospheric in Ulfarr’s universe and it can definitely drag you into the darkened world. It never really gets interesting though and the band’s music will only appeal to those who really have time to sit down and let themselves be led by the band’s music. It is more saddened and not much anger or power lies beneath the music. On the track “Forgotten by Time” Ulfarr’s ability to create simple and really beautiful settings really comes through.

It is with the simplicity in the music that Ulfarr wins. It might not take him far career wise, but it sure is beautiful and a good setting for the dark stormy nights.

It is easier to hear that Ulfarr is a one-man project, as most single-handed bands tends to sound like this when it comes to black metal, but the other band on the split, Hrafnblóð, is something else in spite being a one-man project as well. First track sets the band off as way more powerful than the fellow band on this split. It is very melodic and the raw vocal makes you wake up and immediately come out of Ulfarr’s universe.

“Lif and Lifprasir” is Hrafnblóð’s strongest track and this is where melodic sense and creativity shines through.

Both bands have the ability to create very beautiful and melodic black metal that most fans of the genre will find joy in, but both bands tend to become a bit to anonymous. When it comes to keeping the listeners attention Hrafnblóð wins because of the more mainstream sound. Ulfarr needs more attention and special occasions to really get a hang of.

By Ellen Norvang
Track Listing

1 Intro
2 Laid To Rest
3 Forgotten By Time
4 Cold In Death II

1 Lif And Lifprasir
2 Descent Of The Black Fog
3 Fires Of Dresden
4 Englaland


Ulfarr: Slasher Gibson (HellFire) - Vocals & Guitar

Hrafnblóð: Gareth - Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Basic drum programming/Basic keyboards

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