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The Wrath Project
The Cure Is The Disease
July 2013
Released: 2013, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Despite forming in 2008, The Wrath Project has kept a relatively low profile; the band doesn’t even have a Metal Archives page! Even though the band is comprised of members of other groups, the only one I had actually heard of before was Yanic Bercier from Quebec’s revered Quo Vadis. Given that, I had no idea what to expect from the band’s debut album, THE CURE IS THE DISEASE.

So what did I get from the album? A whole heaping dose of death-inflected thrash metal, that’s what! While perhaps a bit more melodic and “accessible”, these guys definitely play in the same battleground as the likes of Nocturnal Fear. However, I’d argue that The Wrath Project have just enough Bay Area in them to make their songs more impressive than your average death/thrash band. As you’d expect from a Quo Vadis alum, the drumming is fast & furious and pure high quality – this album moves at breakneck speed. The guitar work is frenetic and peppered with memorable riffs that dig deep into your ear canal. The vocals are a standard barked half-growl (kinda like the ex-vocalist in Diamond Plate) which don’t do much to add to the music, but aren’t too distracting either.

Songs like “The Verdict” or “Fire and Iron and the Stench of Fear” have a strength and energy that puts all thrash bands not named Overkill to shame. Seriously, these guys make me tired just listening to them! Unfortunately the band also falls prey to the usual pitfall of this style of music: sameness. No matter where I start in the track list, after five or six songs I begin to lose interest because it feels like I’ve heard everything the band has to offer. But man, what a ride it is for those six songs.

A little more varied approach in the song writing will go a long way to making The Wrath Project new kings of thrash. As it stands now, the band is a definite contender and will surely wreck many a neck with THE CURE IS THE DISEASE.
Track Listing

1. Damnation Trinity
2. The Verdict
3. In This Age of Darkness
4. Traces of Evil Will Always Remain
5. Fire and Iron and the Stench of Fear
6. The Curse
7. Never Shall Rest
8. The Barren Fields
9. Blood Devil
10. With Scorn I Seek Revenge
11. Balance


Elmar Keineke: Vocals
Frank Andreas: Lead Guitar
Mark Wolzenburg: Rhythm Guitar
Chris Gospodarek: Bass
Yanic Bercier: Drums



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