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Ecstasy of God
July 2013
Released: 2013, Apostasy Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Well, well, well...what do we have here? I'll tell you exactly what we have; METAL! Lots of damn, hard hitting, face ripping, groove inducing, windmilling metal!

Once again our German counterparts have graced Europe with a fine metal offering. Straight from the German gates of Hell come Spheron with their debut release Ecstasy of God, and what an effort filled with relentless charge and mouth watering riffs. Being released in July of this year through Apostasy Records this is sure to be a hit with the likes of Devildriver fans, and the more grungy death metal heads. The album kicks off with a beast of an intro; no messing around, and then follows suit throughout, especially in tracks such as track 3 'Prestige of the Mortals', some fantastic musicianship and some real metal to flood your ears.

The production of 'Ecstasy of God' is more than sound, the sound is very original, there's no sense of a rip off or recipe song writing, this is evident in track 5 'Clasp the Thons' (ouch!), some very unique guitar work and song structure makes this an instant standout listen.

Spheron have combined their death metal sound with the harsh and shattering sound of the thrash and melodic gods of the metal scene, have they done this correctly? I would say they are not far off, however there is something to be desired, despite the album's level of quality which, for a debut release, is very high indeed. The band incorporate pacey guitar solos and mix in some tech-death with their thrash sound; this really is an all rounder's choice.

For a band who have just released their debut album, I can only speak highly of this release. My only criticisms/personal advice would be for a bit more aggression (those sections of songs that just make you throw whatever you're holding against the wall) and a tad more progression (prog makes metal so much better). Apart from that, Spheron are well on their way to becoming one of the finest newcomers of the year. For fans of heavy music!

Devildriver, Sikth, Cannibal Corpse etc. Would I buy this album? Of course I would, I can only hope that the recording sound is echoed (not literally) by their live performance, be sure to keep an eye on their tour dates.

Review by Andy May
Track Listing

01. A Means To An End
02. The Beheaded Coachman
03. Prestige Of The Mortals
04. Saturnian Satellites
05. Clasp The Thorns
06. Prelude To The Misery
07. Degrees
08. Pulse Of Instinct
09. Tragedy Of The Clerics
10. Choking On Incense
11. Anthropogenic
12. From Glint To Crackling


Daniel Spoor - Vocals
Tobias Alter - Lead Guitar
Mark Walther - Rhythm Guitar
Matthias Minor - Bass
Tobias Blach - Drums

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