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A Dirge For Your Suicide
July 2013
Released: 2013, Dunkelheit Produktionen
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Peruvian metallers Mirthless bring to us their first full length record “A Dirge for Your Suicide”, a record which carries equal parts Doom Metal and Death Metal influences on its sleeve. Though the record only has five songs, the songs are quite long, full of twists and turns. The production job is has a certain rawness that aids the band in creating a claustrophobic atmosphere through the music. I would describe the band’s sound as Nemesis (Leif Edling's band before Candlemass) mixed with some Paradise Lost and Cianide.

There is variation in both instrumentation as well as the vocals, as the band tends to follow a slow groove towards faster sections, while vocals shift to accommodate the music. The singer growls, screams, and even attempts to sing using clean vocals during some of the slower riffs. This is the type of record that has to be heard in its entirety in order for the listener to appreciate its merits.

The record kicks off with some tasty melodic guitars that open “Chapter 1: Pantheon of Disgraces”. The vocals during the first half of the song are of the low growl death metal kind with some high pitch screams thrown in here and there. The band builds up the song with a Celtic Frost-like riff that suddenly shifts into high gear with some blast beats thrown in. Suddenly, the band goes slows the tempo down, and the clean vocals mentioned come in, giving the music a darker vibe.

Based on the opening track, we get an idea of how the rest of the record goes: the band maintains a slow tempo until they burst into action with some faster riffs. “Chapter II: Prelude To Doomsday” follows this formula of shifting gears every once in a while, keeping the listener interested. As I mentioned before, this record requires that the listeners sits patiently and listen to the music.

The minimalistic approach may put off some people, yet, those who enjoy records that produce that slow burn effect until a pay off comes on will enjoy “A Dirge for Your Suicide”. There are flaws here and there and it is not a perfect record. The title track has an intro that goes on for about two minutes; it consists of the sound of a bunch of people talking at the same time.

The song itself, though, is a cool slow number with some haunting clean vocals. The clean vocals work, but not all of the time, as they sometimes tend to sound a little out of place, and take the listener out of the mood created by the instrumentation.

Overall, this is a fine effort on the part of Mirthless, and the band shows promise here that can be fulfilled by improving some of the elements of the music. The record does not offer many memorable riffs, but as a whole, it is an interesting listen and a decent entry into the Doom/Death Metal genre.

The sound of the record makes the listener feel as if he/she is sitting at the band’s rehearsal spot, and the atmosphere of dread created by the music becomes more effective. The variation within the songs keeps things interesting, but with meatier riffs and some more attention to the placement of the clean vocals, it would make this an even better release.

Review by Titus Isaac López
Track Listing

1. Chapter I: Pantheon of Disgraces
2. Chapter II: Prelude to Doomsday
3. Chapter III: A Dirge for your Suicide
4. Chapter IV: Paz
5. Chapter V: Prelude to Doomsday (Exclusive Bonus: Rehearsal 2011)


Mirthless - Vocals
Soulless - Guitars
Schizophrenic - Drums

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