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Iron Kingdom
Gates Of Eternity
July 2013
Released: 2013, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It wasn’t all that long ago that I reviewed the first album by Iron Kingdom and I’m pleased this young quartet is back for the attack with their sophomore effort entitled GATES OF ETERNITY. Not an enormous amount has changed; the line-up is the same, same logo, the band is still independent and those are all good things. Too much instability early in a bands career can detail a promising band, and Iron Kingdom has enormous potential.

Iron Kingdom for a young recognize the importance of presentation as GATES OF ETERNITY is a great looking package. It has a nice booklet with lyrics and lots of photos and a decent cover that conveys the message of the title nicely. The production is very decent as well, with a nice warm sound and a good mix.

Sonically the band has not progressed much which is also a good point because I feel they locked into their signature sound quite early on with the debut. The praise for CURSE OF THE VOODOO QUEEN was pretty positive all round so why mess with success? That successful sound is one of classic Metal from a blueprint developed by Iron Maiden and early USPM. Vocalist Chris seems to have a bit more range and power and holds some of his screams even longer than before. His voice is clear as he delivers good lyrics, classic tales of destiny and fate, judgement and eternity. ‘Crowned In Iron’ is a classic Metal anthem in the making, with a sing-along chorus singing the praises of the Metal! The individual performances are fine and the band mixes up the tempo and pace with a well placed haunting instrumental called ‘Candeloro’ with acoustic piano, violins, some choral vocals among the orchestration. Another highlight is monster 15 minute long song ‘Egypt-The End Is Near’, which despite it’s length never gets boring.

Iron Kingdom have found that sweet spot of classic/traditional true Metal and GATES OF ETERNITY is a very enjoyable sophomore effort. Everything is on place for a long career and I predict it won't be long before they are signed.
Track Listing

1. At the Gates
2. Chains of Solitude
3. Demon of Deception
4. Candeloro
5. Guardian Angel
6. At Home in the Dark
7. Crowned in Iron
8. Egypt (The End is Near)
9. Shadow of Death


Chris Osterman Vocals, Guitars ,
Kenny Kroecher Guitar
Leighton Holmes Bass
Amanda Osterman Drums

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