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In the Guise of Men
July 2013
Released: 2013, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Listening to INK, the new EP from French quartet In the Guise of Men, I found myself consistently bouncing between two thoughts:

1) This is really good

2) This is really hard to describe

Despite receiving a gorgeous press kit in my mailbox, there’s little info available about the band. This in a way adds a degree of mystery to the release and forces the music to stand on its own without any preconception or directional plugs from the band. Which admittedly I found refreshing; it forces the listener to really focus their attention to the music and make up their own minds about what the band’s intentions are. Musically, In the Guise of Men straddle a few different genre styles pretty adeptly, bridging doses of alt metal, prog mathcore, and maybe a bit of modern emo to sound like a heavy Deftones/Gojira/Textures/Hacride hybrid. And for the most part, it’s a successful union of sound.

The six tracks across the EP operate in a fairly consistent fashion; frantically chugging bottom heavy guitars buoyed by deceptively optimistic jangly six string harmonies amid a rhythm section that seemingly operates in their own dimensional stream of consciousness. Vocalist Christophe Denhez is the band’s centerpiece, slinging a smooth clean vocal delivery one moment, but readily shifting into Corey Taylor/Jamey Jasta shouting matches the next. Collectively these efforts gel in a “this shouldn’t work as well as it does” way, which makes INK all the more impressive.

Each track on INK holds its own, but in particular “Suicide Shop”, “Sale Paradise” (this tune absolutely rages), and personal fav “Violent Overthrow” are standout cuts, solidly demonstrating what In the Guise of Men is truly capable of - chaotic riffs that are able to exist and thrive within the context of actual songs, full of memorable choruses and melody lines that linger even after the album concludes.

Navigate your way over to the In the Guise of Men website for samples and for purchase information. INK is available now.
Track Listing

1. Suicide Shop
2. Violent Overthrow
3. Drowner
4. Sale Paradise
5. Blue Lethe
6. Dog to Man Transposition


C. - Vocals
O. - Guitar
T. - Bass
S. - Drums



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