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Fir Bolg
Towards Ancestral Lands
July 2013
Released: 2013, Plastic Head UK
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Ok, before we start anywhere with this review, let’s not beat around the bush here or try and hide the fact that this is blatantly just one man’s musical vision of trying to be Immortal with Celtic influences. Whether or not you see that as a bad thing is your own personal opinion, personally I really like Immortal and so I don’t mind this fact too much, but if you’re looking for masses of originality on a Black Metal album then I’m sorry to say that this is not it.

Hailing from France and consisting of one sole member (Dagoth) comes Fir Bolg with the debut album Towards Ancestral Lands. The band portrays itself in their Bio and description of the album as being Black Metal with Celtic influences, however the Celtic influences are really few and far between and I’d like to state for the record that adding a section of acoustic guitar into a song does not automatically constitute “Celtic Influences” in any way shape or form as this band seems to think it does.

The promotional photo of Dagoth that came with the album is also something which I just can’t even begin to attempt to take seriously either, I’m guessing you readers won’t see it unless you look on their Facebook page or something but it really has to be seen to be believed (or not believed as the case may be given the cheap costume shop medieval dress that is in the photo).

As I said in the opening paragraph there is not really a hint of subtlety shown in the album to the fact that Dagoth’s vocal style is completely modelled after Abbath from Immortal as well as a lot of the songwriting styles as well.

All I could really think when listening to the album is that unless you’re really desperate to check out this album you can sum up the whole thing by saying that it sounds like how you’d imagine an early Immortal demo to sound like with slightly better production.

Other than that this is really not something that is going to be highlighted as breaking any sort of creative boundaries or having any staggering amount of originality.

I honestly couldn’t say that this is a bad album by any standards as it really isn’t but then a good friend once said to me that there is only 3 types of music in this world: Music that you love, Music that you hate, and Music that simply makes you go Meh.

This my friends is an absolute classic example of a CD you would find in the bargain bin, not bad, certainly not great, but simply Meh. It is what it is and you have to take it or leave it.

If you want some pretty bog standard middle of the road pedestrian Black Metal then go and ahead and knock yourself out, otherwise I’d definitely tell you to save your time and go elsewhere.

Review by Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Behind the Great Oppidum
03. Blood Heritage
04. Banshees
05. King of Wallachia
06. Strong Old Megalith
07. Final Battle on the Frozen Lake
08. Mag Tuired
09. Dun Aengus


Dagoth – All Instruments & Vocals

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