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Fatal Impact
July 2013
Released: 2013, Nadir Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

It’s quite an interesting album we have here from Norway’s long-running Fatal Impact. The band formed way back in 1995 but has been the antithesis of prolific – ESOTERIA is only the band’s second album. Not surprisingly, only guitarist Per Anders Olsen has survived from the band’s original incarnation, with the other members joining at various points throughout the ‘00s.

What’s interesting about the album is the fact that Fatal Impact plays a dark, brooding, and progressive style of power metal that can’t really be traced back to any single band. There are hints of Nevermore and fellow Norsemen Communic, but even then the links are tenuous at best. As you would expect from a band lead by its guitarist, the guitar tone is quite strong, and the riffs and solos that Olsen has come with fill ESOTERIA with many memorable moments. It’s a powerful style that the band can rightfully call their own, however all is not perfect. In particular, vocalist Jorn Oyhus has a somewhat laid back, sullen singing style that is not engaging at all. And while there are plenty of good, or even great, riffs on the album there are too many that are average at best. The faux-black metal picking and howling in “The Arrival” is particularly egregious.

I will say that ESOTERIA has grown on me over multiple listens, but I’m saddened that the album didn’t grab me more than it did as a I really wanted to like it. I feel like Fatal Impact could really create a masterpiece – they have the chops and the originality, they just need the extra seasoning and honed writing skills to take their music to the next level. Still, ESOTERIA is worth a listen for power metal fans that are willing to try something a little bit different.
Track Listing

1. Esoteria
2. A New Era
3. Where the Alders Grow
4. Silent December
5. End of Time Theater
6. The Blind Man’s Eye
7. The Arrival
8. A View to Hell
9. Under the Stars
10. The Final Solace
11. Verity of Splendor
12. Funeral


Jorn Oyhus: Vocals, Guitar
Per Anders Olsen: Guitar
Freddy Alund: Bass
Sondre Svendsen: Drums



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