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Demonic Cremator
Suffer in Hellfire
July 2013
Released: 2013, UKEM Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The atmosphere bought forward by this album is one you’d expect from any black metal offering. I was expecting something pretty good from the Scottish duo, seeing as I like some other very fine acts from that country. But what I got was.. Was… How can I describe this… It’s another clichéd attempt to sound more menacing than they actually are. They say it’s “soul blackening metal” but it’s more “soul sapping noise.”

You get guitars that sound like they were microwaved before recording started, the recordings themselves sound like they’re recorded with one smartphone microphone sat in the middle of their rehearsal room. I know, this is the style of black metal, but this album is just terrible. It’s giving me a headache.

I love metal, it’s my one true favoured genres of music, but this album gives black metal and the rest of the genre a bad name. Where it has some interesting riffs (a surprise!), the performance is abysmal. They don’t sound tight at all, there is no production. The vocalist sounds like his vocal chords are actually bleeding. Not in a “Hey, I’m super fucking metal” bleeding, but like he has a serious medical problem and should probably lay off this awful practice and go lay down and await the medics.

Back to the album… It’s uninspired, one chord, one riff, powerchords and awfully murky production. Every song sounds sonically different, meaning there’s no cohesion in the guitar tone or frequency response, the levels are all over the place.

There is nothing to define each song as part of a whole. The ideas are boring.

The performance is akin to watching a goat take a large shit on your favourite childhood toy.

I honestly can’t tell you about the lyrical content because of the stupid evil (read: dated 1992 home-made Satan-esque film) voice. What I can tell you is that the song titles are about as evil as a newborn baby holding its’ father’s finger for the first time.

I couldn’t get through this disaster of an album. It made me physically angry and I will never listen to it again. This band is terrible.

Review by Kyle Sevenoaks
Track Listing

1. Slack Jawed
2. Enchained
3. Suffer in Hellfire
4. Devil Inside
5. Traitor
6. Firehole
7. Driven by Courage
8. In The Face Of God
9. Toxic Life


Asphyxiator: Vokills/ Drums
Necrotica: Guitars/ Bass

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» Suffer in Hellfire
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