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January 2014
Released: 2013, Blade Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Danish Power Thrash/Speed Metal band Artillery return with their 7th full length album release in the form of Legions, an all out headbanging, face ripping, finger shredding assault on the senses from start to finish. From the album opener Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh) onwards, this is an album that will definitely get your adrenaline and energy going. The riffs come fast and heavy, the vocals are high, soaring and powerful and all the elements of a kick ass melodic thrash metal album are all here.

Production wise the album sounds really great and sounds very similar in places to bands like Firewind or Stratorvarius but with the added speed and heaviness of Thrash mixed into the song writing that gives Artillery their own unique edge over other bands.

Think Firewind meets Evile with some really great song writing and vocal melodies mixed in and you’ll be getting close to the great sound that this band has. For a band that’s been going so long as well (their first full length album was released back in 1985), I guess it’s always going to be a challenge between either keeping within the same style and keeping the music fresh and new, or progressing the music elsewhere and into different places.

Given that I haven’t had any previous experience of the band or heard their releases before this one, I guess I can’t really comment too much on that subject but what I can say is that Legions is an album that whilst it may not win any major awards for being a stand out, incredibly influential and unique album to change the landscape of Metal (it’s pretty much your bog standard heavy power/speed metal as you’d like it), it’s something that I think every Metal fan can enjoy and the quality of the music and production of the album is inarguably great.

If you like your metal to be straight forward, no nonsense, all out heavy, fast and able to scream the highest notes possible with your horns raised high and headbanging then this my friend is the album for you!

Review by Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

1. Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh)
2. God Feather
3. Legions
4. Wardrum Heartbeat
5. Global Flatline
6. Dies Irae
7. Anno Requiem
8. Enslaved to the Nether
9. Doctor Evil
10. Ethos of Wrath


Morten Stützer - Bass, Guitars (lead)
Michael Stützer - Guitars (lead)
Peter Thorslund - Bass
Josua Madsen - Drums
Michael Bastholm Dahl - Vocals

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