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The Metal Alliance
January 2014
Released: 2013, Self Produced
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

The Metal Alliance is a new band, formed in 2013 as a union of members from Sweden and The Netherlands. Their first EP, BIERDRINKDINSDAG (Beer drinking Tuesday) is a five song introduction to the band, which fuses several different styles into a modern and focused quick hitter. Citing their influences as beer, bears, and bad assery, you know what you are getting lyrically. The music however, is quite focused considering the short time the band has been together and it is only going to get stronger as the band continues.

The title track opens things as an ode to drinking and doing shots delivered in the Viking metal style. It is a mid tempo grind that reminds me vocally of Oderus Urnugus on “Ragnarok”. “Beast of War” leans closer to power metal as the band spins the true story of Wotjek, a Siberian brown bear that was actually commissioned as a corporal in the Polish army and carried ammunition to the soldiers during the Battle of Monte Cassino. The story is both bizarre and fascinating, and if you are not familiar with Wotjek, it is worth the read. Our man Count Avaroth Djick Krititz employs a worthy thrash growl through most of the tunes, but for variety adds s few bowel grinding death metal roars and an almost Gothic baritone on some of the choruses.

Pulverizing through these songs like some manic son of Thor are the thunderous drums of Robban Bäck, the dude quickly making himself a focal point for most of the tunes. Joran de Block handles guitar and bass duties, incorporating elements of thrash, black metal and power metal to help fuse the band’s overall sound. You can hear Block really shredding on album closer “United” showing that he too is no slouch on a song that praises the power of heavy metal music. Lyrically, it is all in jest while still poking fun at how people waste their time gaming and texting and of course drinking.

Despite the do it yourself imprint stamped on this, the production is certainly adequate as are the songs. I would call BIERDRINKDINSDAG a worthy first step for a band that shows promise. Once they add another member or two and gain more experience playing together, the next album could be a great one, which the band is already preparing. Fans of mid-paced thrash, power metal, and even death metal will find The Metal Alliance an enjoyable listen.
Track Listing

01. Bierdrinkdinsdag

02. The Beast of War

03. The Way It Was

04. Join the Ride

05. United


Count Avaroth Djick Krititz – Vocals
Joran de Block – Guitars/Bass/Backing vocals/FX/Programming
Robban Bäck – Drums

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