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Suicidal Angels
Divide And Conquer
January 2014
Released: 2014, Noiseart
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Greek thrash metallers, Suicidal Angels are ready to unloose their fifth blasphemous and ravenous album, DIVIDE AND CONQUER by the first days of the new thrash-y year. It’s been almost a couple of years since the great ‘Bloodbath’ first graced my speakers, and I must say my expectations were very high for this fifth full-length. Well, it’s as good as the previous one with its raspy and aggressive vocals, and with all-guns-blazing assault on everyone.

It’s raw and dirty as thrash and clear in the terms of the production. The album is opened by the fast-paced ‘Marching Over Blood’ and it introduces us to their brutal, bloody and divine world. The second track, ‘Seed of Evil’, is a mid-paced thrash diamond in the footsteps of Bloodbath’s “Chaos (The Curse Is Burning Inside)” which probably would be an integral part of their setlist. What’s follows? A true thrash that often shreds through the speakers like there is no tomorrow and throw you in the ‘pit of snakes’ that contains some slayer-ish leads and solos and a mid-tempo chorus where the band sings along you are eaten by those Snakes. The album closes with the lengthy ‘White Wizzard’ and successfully this is the glaring evidence that a thrash song cannot be short only.

Yeah you have got the headbanging, fist-in-the-air material that sticks in your head. The band lays down heavy riffs at insane speeds and the title track, ‘In The Grave’ and ‘Lost Dignity’ are the greatest examples of this, featuring some killer leads and mid-paced parts with lyrics that have not changed much from their previous albums. They still write lyrics about terror, horror and blood.

Suicidal Angels made their brutal miracle again. Aptly, this brutal stuff is performed to perfection. Surely, this is thrash played the way was meant to be played. This overwhelming assault doesn’t seem to have any weak points or moments. The Angels delivered a nice slab of thrash-ity that strikes as fast as vipers bite in ‘The Pit of Snakes’. This new dangerous and absolute carnage at breakneck speed and catchy mid-paced mood.
Track Listing

1. Marching Over Blood
2. Seed Of Evil
3. Divide And Conquer
4. Control The Twisted Mind
5. In The Grave
6. Terror Is My Scream
7. Pit Of Snakes
8. Kneel To The Gun
9. Lost Dignity


Nick: Vocals/Guitar
Chris: Guitar
Angel: Bass
Orfeas: Drums

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