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January 2014
Released: Marc, SAOL
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

TOMORROW is the second full length album released by Sapiency, a Modern Metal/ Melodic Death Metal band from Germany. I have heard other terms used to describe this and other bands, such as "Melodic Thrash", but I think that by mentioning that it is "Modern Metal" , I have clarified that the band will throw everything at listeners, including the kitchen sink.

Though a very talented group of musicians, I did not feel that Sapiency are doing anything different from many other bands playing this style of Metal: Death Metal riffs alongside Iron Maiden-style dual guitar melodies with vocals alternating between sung and growled vocals according to the verse/chorus dichotomy on each song. That's about it. Some songs include keyboard arrangements that, frankly, sound extremely out of place. It all has been done before, and better.

As soon as the melodic vocals used in opener "Prayer of the Pain" began, I began to lose interest in the band's sound. The predictability factor was obvious, as the songs are carried by catchy choruses, just like Pop Music, and not by killer guitar riffs, or the awesome structural shifts that allow Metal bands to shift moods and give their songs a narrative flow. None of that may be found here: the Metal influences are used as build ups within verse and chorus repetitions, which results in all of these songs sounding alike. I mentioned that the band uses keyboards, and such is the case with "Hungry Again", "Turn the Tide" and "Free Within". That does not mean that these three songs are any different from the rest, but rather that at one point during the build up from verse to chorus, the band will pause as a Techno-like keyboard passage plays, followed by the drummer playing around that, then the entire band comes in. I mention the above, because it seems that the band uses the same trick everytime they want to add keyboards to their songs. As far as I can tell, the only moment where I thought the band would finally branch out into Metal territory was the first few seconds of "Unknown Enemy", but almost immediately, the melodic vocals kick in and I am once again not impressed.

I guess there are people who will love this record, and I believe that the musicians are a talented bunch, but TOMORROW was just too derivative for me. I found myself struggling after only a handful of songs, as there was nothing that grabbed me, not one riff, not even one of the many catchy choruses. I do not think that even fans of this particular style will find anything that upstages their favorite bands.
Track Listing

1. Prayer of the Pain
2. Hungry Again
3. Free Within
4. Unknown Enemy
5. Tomorrow
6. Weight of the World
7. Fight on
8. Breaking Chains
9. Turn the Tide
10. Torn Apart
11. Dying Ilusions


Lars Bittner - Lead Vocals
Krsto Balic - Lead Vocals
Sebastian Fix - Bass
Kai Voss-Fels - Drums
René Ritzmann - Lead Guitars
Holger Wenck - Lead Guitars

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