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Roots Run Deep
January 2014
Released: 2013, CD Baby/Element Zero Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having reformed after 20 years, the two founding member of Psuedocial felt it was time to revive their passion for Metal and recruit new members making their sound stronger than ever. Their EP Roots Run Deep is both the revival of something old but also the product of a band whose take on Metal is refreshing to hear.

‘Vigilante’ Unfolds with a steady thrash sounding groove with solid riffs and harsh sounding clean vocals and catchy chorus sections “Who’s it going to be, vigilante” that showcase the band’s solid song writing abilities.

Next up, ‘Open Palm/ Closed Fist’ follows a similar formula with metallic style guitars fortified through consistent drum work and clear sounding vocals.

The record meets a satisfying standard throughout with some slight more melodic touches in ‘Bomb Bullet Or Knife’ which comes with a more prevalent bass sounding groove, adding a more darker tonality. Meanwhile, the down tuned guitars on ‘Renunciate’ comes with a serious head banging crunch that will get thrash fans pulled in.

Closing off with ‘Timeless’ the charging guitar hooks and faster pace give the closure of the band an almost upbeat sound that works really well with the more angst ridden vocals that propel the track forward.

Overall this was a decent outlet by a band whose dedication to their sound is what makes them shine. It is clear that their direction is one that sticks to the fundamentals of Metal and their delivery is one that is formidable enough to make this worth your time and money.

Although some songs stood out more than others and it does kind of feel they have a long way to go in terms of growth they definitely seem to be on the track.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Vigilante
2. Open Palm/Closed Fist
3. Bomb, Bullet Or Knife
4. Renunciate
5. Timeless
6. The Dogs of Pompeii (2012 Demo)


Jeff Divoky - guitar
Kevin Montgomery - vocals
Anthony Petrizzo - drums
Jay Thomas - bass

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