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January 2014
Released: 2013, Transcending Obscurity
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After three years of silence, Poland's Preludium have returned with their fourth full length offering, a dark slab of Polish Death/Black Metal entitled REDEMPTION. While their last album, 2010's Impending Hostility, was conceptually influenced by war, this time around the band seems focused on topics related to the occult. As a result, instead of the march-like sections from the previous record, the band opt for a more straight forward attack that emphasized Black Metal- influenced guitar riffs that provide a dark atmosphere on many songs.

Underneath, a rumbling rhythm section guards the texture of each song, sometimes stopping to create a sense of tension. The production job on this record also allows for these arrangements to stand out, with big crunchy-sounding guitars and pounding drums, though the bass sound could have been a little bit more distorted, or with some overdrive to it. It is still a fine production job.

The record begins with "Soul Torment", a mid-paced number with pounding double bass work and some nice start-stop beats. The bass guitar is audible and provides some nice fills, which again add to the dark atmospheric tendencies of the record; "Altars of Redemption" features an example of this, as the guitars are silenced while the bass plays a riff accompanied by some cymbal hits and the sound of wind howling in the background. It helps in adding tension to the song, which is one of the several fast numbers on the record. "Incarnations" features an interesting part where the bass and drums keep blasting at high speed while clean, non-distorted guitars lines are strummed, creating a chaotic yet beautiful sound.

On the slower numbers, "Hatred Breeds Suffering" seems to be the slowest song here, and it is a whopping number full of crunchy riffs alternating with those Black Metal melodies discussed earlier. "Circle of Life" starts off in a slow pace before the band goes back to their faster sections.

Most people will be reminded of Behemoth when listening to this record, although the band does manage to inject some originality here and there. The album's strength is the balance of Death and Black Metal elements while keeping an eye on ambience and mood within the songs. Although during the middle of the record listeners might start getting a feeling of Deja vu, the record is still a strong offering from this band.
Track Listing

1. Soul Torment
2. Altars of Redemption
3. Incarnations
4. Root of Suffering
5. Circle of Life
6. The Seven Gates of Hell
7. Destiny of Mortals
8. Arena of Souls
9. Hatred Breeds Suffering
10. Sins of Mankind


Marcin Deszcz - Bass
Piotr Ungeheuer - Drums
Jan Skowron - Guitars
Ɓukasz Dziamarski - Guitars, Vocals

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