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In Utero Cannibalism
Playing With Dummy
January 2014
Released: 2013, Sleazy Rider
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Grab your hatchets, knives and saws, because In Utero Cannibalism latest release, ‘Playing With Dummy’, is the most suitable soundtrack to a night of gore with your favorite serial killer. One may call the album music for a madman, but in the same sense, that is why I love it.

‘Playing With Dummy’ marks Greek In Utero Cannibalism’s new EP release; trucking past juggling guitar players and changing lead vocalists, In Utero Cannibalism as an entity never softens its blows or strays from its distinctively horror-laden persona. If you enjoy death metal that does not stop the stabbing, pick up this EP where there are six face-melting tracks.

When a person goes into a movie theater to watch a horror film, they expect to be scared and disturbed by what the screen shows. When a person picks up a In Utero Cannibalism album, they expect to feel the brutality and overall heaviness that the band is known for. This EP is the soundtrack that a horror/slasher film audience can expect to listen to.

Upon first playing this Extended Play, the opening track ‘Playing with Dummy’ gives me an image of some guy running through a town just killing everything. This is an extremely chaotic track. It is a great opener, with a very fast tempo, and chant vocals from the singer, Bill. The second track, ‘Siamese Blood’ leaves any listener with a chattered spine, proving to be one of the most effective death metal tracks of 2013 with its in-between death-y, creepy and grisly keyboard tune.

The abum continues with random blast-beats, breakdowns/tempo changes, and really badass groove. Guitar solos, as always, are kind of limited. ‘Playing with Dummy’ is one of my favorite sounding of all the In Utero Cannibalism releases to date, with a very fat sounding bass drum, and a harsh, meaty, juicy sounding guitar track. I could not ask for more in the production department.

‘Reunified’ that closes this hellish EP is one of the more slow tempo songs at times, heavy as hell and gives a taste and touch of Deicide style across the vocals and riffs. To any death metal fans, this couldn’t be a better EP to pick up this year, and you will probably mutilate some things. I don’t know if these songs going to be instant classic, but really eat most other acts alive today.
Track Listing

1. Playing with Dummy
2. Siamese Blood
3. Veils of brutality
4. Inferior Waste
5. In Ruins and Death
6. Reunified


Miltos-Lead Guitars
Kostas-Rhythm Guitars
Alex K.-Drums

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