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Blind Faith Revolver
January 2014
Released: 2013, Metal Hammer
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

When this album landed in lap I thought it was material of no expectation and any music interest. My heart sank when I found out this was yet another damn Modern/metalcore/hardcore album. I acclaim that I am not fan of those metal genres. I decided to give it a listen, in-the-one ear and out-the-other I thought. It was to my surprise then, that I actually liked this effort by Furor. I’m playing devils advocate in a way, but this album definitely deserves praise. Greek metal scene is getting bigger and greater throughout the passing of time. Some months ago Furor released their new album BLIND FAITH REVOLVER.

No, they don’t do anything new or revolutionary here, but there is enough aggression and speedy pars here, with the occasional clean parts and vocals to spice-space things up a bit. The production of the album is also suitably heavy, with the proceedings having a significant kick. Actually, of all the modern metal/metalcore stuff that I have in mind and heard, they rank as one of the best and most convincing. The material is truly impressive, with the title track (plenty of double-bass and heaviness here together with the in-between slow part!) being especially good.

The third track ‘Nothing For You’, I don’t know, gave me a taste of Machine Head style with its catchy ingressive riff and breakdowns. The band revels in the mid-tempo trudging groove and they succeed at it. Even when the band tends to throw up the tempo a bit and thrash it out, there is a sense of driven structure and energy. ‘Stinkhole Loaded’; this is where Furor are truly in fighting shape and for the majority of the album it remains there with little resistance. This track is the best for me out of this album and I think there is a touch of Nirvana style in the couplets. Fortunately, it would seem that the pedal is thrown down a bit like on ‘Blue Screen Terror’ and the band throw in those melodic hooks with melancholic guitar lines on the closer nine minute ‘Undress your Face’. The combination of the barking style and the clean straight sing might not bring some criticism down on the band and they use it in a very efficient and respectable way.

I think that perhaps this is the best way to describe BLIND FAITH REVOLVER and Furor. Efficient is how the band writes and how they perform. If the extra layers are not needed then they are not the band to put them in there. This stripped down and straight forward approach is not only charming but damn catchy and solid (‘Stinkhole Loaded’, ‘Unconditional’, ‘T.R.A.S.S.’). It is a great introduction to the band for me and I will definitely looking for more of their material.
Track Listing

1. Ω
2. Blind Faith Revolver
3. Nothing For You
4. Stinkhole Loaded
5. Blue Screen Terror
6. Misspelled Marionette
7. Unconditional
8. Black To Gray
9. Eye Sea
10. T.R.A.S.S.
11. Undress Your Face


Vagelis Kolios-Vocals
George Thomas-Guitar
Jim Bouziotis-Bass
Nikonas Tzifas-Drums

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