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January 2013
Released: 2012, Apathia Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Wormfood are a 5 piece gothic metal band originating from France.

They formed in 2001, and after releasing 4 full length albums, they have come back to give us their first compilation album.

I love eclectic music more than the next person, and I certainly love bands that can experiment with sounds and, dare I say, have a bit of fun, but this band, I just did not get.

I tried my hardest to really get into it but I just couldn’t. The album got off to a somewhat of a good start but it just went downhill from there. “Human Circus” had a good sound but the singer just sounded like he was in pain. “Licking The Bones” had a lovely melody at the start but unfortunately, the sound didn’t stay.

For me, “The Dead Bury The Dead” is the best song off the album, very dark and very bassy. The end of the album has some live tracks on it. I really wish that they hadn’t put them on there as they sound terrible. The sound is awful and the crowd reaction is poor. They do a cover of Type O Negatives “Christian Woman” and absolutely butcher it. I couldn’t listen to the whole song as it was that bad.

The production of the album is good, I love all of the little samples that they use here and there but apart from that I think that it is quite a poor album. The band just don’t suit the sound that they are trying to achieve, I’m sure that they have a very strong fan base out there somewhere but it really just didn’t do it for me at all.

Review by Lianne Alice
Track Listing

1. Carpathian Carousel
2. Human Circus
3. Abortion Exit
4. Grandpa’s Remission
5. The Night Of The Elderly
6. Hunger Anger
7. Schlachthaus
8. Licking The Bones
9. The Dead Bury The Dead
10. Acouphene
11. Intro (Live At Blast Fest 2005)
12. Bum Fight (Live At Blast Fest 2005)
13. TEGBM (Live At Blast Fest 2005)
14. Miroir De Chair (Live At Blast Fest 2005)
15. Comptine (Live At Blast Fest 2005)
16. Vieux Pedophile (Live At Blast Fest 2005)
17. Femme Chretienne (Christian Woman – Type O Negative Cover)
18. La Decandanse (Serge Gainsbourg Cover)


Thomas Jacquelin – Drums
El Worm – Guitars
Renaud Fauconnier – Guitars
Pierre Le Pape – Keyboards
Vincent Liard - Bass

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