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Martyrs Shrine
Martyrs Shrine
January 2009
Released: 2008, Soundmass/Music Buy Mail/Artistworkxx
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Michael Carlise and Mike Forsberg from Mortification are the men behind Martyrs Shrine and this band was formed when the both guys felt that they wanted to do something beside playing in Mortification. And despite the fact that the band is duo hasn’t the members cheated and used drum machines or so. They play all of the instruments by themselves.

Martyrs Shrine has gone back to the roots and this self-titled debut album contains nothing but old school death metal. The music is technical, fast heavy and includes a lot of complex twists and turns. Forsberg is taking care of the lead vocals. It would not have hurt if he had varied his singing style a little bit though. The second part of the duo Carlise is taking care of the guitar and bass part and there’s nothing to make a remark on when it comes to the rhythm section. On the other hand he isn’t he doing anything but keeping the pace.

The material is pale and unfocused. This is not an album I would put my money. The riffs are re-used into oblivion and there must be more riffs to play than the ones the duo uses. There are also long passages where the music turns into some strange kind of doom metal which really doesn’t fit into the bands musical approach. I am a fan of both death and thrash metal but I cannot find a single fun moment on this album.

The production feels low budget and is made by the members, which has been a huge mistake. Nothing really impresses when it comes the production but what could I expect when listening to this crappy album. Martyrs Shrine has delivered on of the sorriest albums this year, I wish I could have pointed out a few highlights but there aren’t any.
Track Listing

The Final Devastation Of The Terrorthrone
For A Burning Eternity
Butchered Planet
Amongst The Putrid
Valley Of Darkness
Martyr Shrine


Mike Forsberg – lead vocals, drums
Michael Carlise – guitar, bass

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