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Svn Eater
February 2014
Released: 2014, Dark Descent Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Never judge a book by it's cover is often said and often true for works of literature. Never judge an album by it's cover however, is often wrong. For those who remember flicking through the records, picking out the ones that caught your eye and making your purchase decision based purely on the art that decorated the sleeve will know what I mean; people used to discover so much great music this way. If this dark art is still alive amongst metal heads, then few who decide to take a punt on this new LVCIFYRE album will disappointed.

Painted front cover depictions aside, the music must come first. "Night Seas Sorcery" is just as mysterious as its title would lead one to believe, with it's atmospheric bestial noise intro and echoes spoken word rasps. The guitars follow on, played freely and with a sludge to them which translates the feeling of dinginess and despair which the drumming shakes through your cold bones. A fuzzed up bass is a pure skull-fuck, sounding messy and as unconventional as it gets. "Calicem Obsurcurum" lifts the pace up to offer a whirlwind Behemoth style blackened death metal style track.

The trippy sounding "In Fornication Waters" is like a blurry and over paced acid journey gone wrong, in the best way possible, The guitars are so drenched in reverb it seems suffocating to the listener at times, but if that's not enough to kil lyou, the torn throat vocals will certainly make a putrefaction corpse out of many a timid listener. The chords strung out by the six stringers cling together, giving a siren raid sound to them, signalling an apocalyptic nuclear strike to come.

All comes to an end with "The Sinister Calling" and it's inhuman grunts and screeches. Tribal chants are raised before before another final blast of death/black metal. Unfortunately here the drumming seems very notably uninspired and boring, not adding any drive or acceleration, and in result the guitars are made to lead the song, but after nine-tracks, I'm afraid such typical genre generic-isms just aren't going to cut it. This album certainly offers some good quality brutality and is certainly recommended for the die-hards, but for the casuals, a quick listen to a track or two on YouTube will be plenty enough to satisfy.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Night Sea Sorcery
2. Chalice of Doom
3. Liber Lilith
4. The Sun Eater
5. In Fornication Waters
6. Nekuomanteion
7. The Fiery Spheres of the Seven
8. Fyre Made Flesh
9. The Sinister Calling


T. Kaos-Guitars, Vocals
Menthor - Drums
Cvltvs- Bass
Dictator- Guitars

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