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Legion Of The Damned
Ravenous Plague
February 2014
Released: 2014, Napalm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Legendary thrash metal madness has got only one name: Legion of the Damned and its new evidence ais RAVENOUS PLAGUE. Hoping to lurch you into a full-blown, noise-strewn, festive thrash/death sound orgy, Dutch brutal thrash bringers Legion of the Damned unleash their sixth killer album (and eleventh album if we take into account the albums that they released under the name Occult).

The opener track is an instrumental track done by the famous composer Jo Blankenburg, who wrote music for blockbusters such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘X-Men’ and ‘300: Rise of an Empire’. It unveils the deathrash storm brewing all over the world. ‘Howling for Armageddon’ is a Deicide-infused track with some Slayer-ised solos and leads. There are a lot of speedy and up-tempo torpedoes such as ‘Ravenous Abominations’ and ‘Black Baron’. Songs like the devilish ‘Mountains Wolves Under a Crescent Moon’ and ‘Doom Priest’ have got a blackened thrash facet.

All the tracks are really interesting without any fillers (maybe one or two of them), always have something going on in them and are sure to keep your attention. The album has its fair share of number that will impress, but also it has share of songs that will leave the listener wishing the band would just pick up the aggression like we know they can do so well. ‘Summon All Hate’ and ‘bury me in an Nameless Grave’ are mid-tempo heavy songs and are a significant chunk of the album and both of them vary the album’s speed.

‘Strike of The Apocalypse’ would be an excellent opener, but it closes RAVENOUS PLAGUE excellently. It’s got an astounding, razor and sharp guitar riff like you have never heard before slices through your ears in a true Legion of the Damned style. This is as sharp as guitar playing gets, each riff sounding like a razor blade cutting through steel. To sum up, this is a fairly good return of the ‘Legions’ with harsh fast-paced guitars, pounding drums, thundering bass guitar and howls of Maurice Swinkels on vocals. Legion of the Damned break precedent by producing something that can truly be called a good album juggernaut continues to roll, crushing and thrashing everything in its path.
Track Listing

1. The Apocalyptic Surge
2. Howling for Armageddon
3. Black Baron
4. Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Moon
5. Ravenous Abominations
6. Doom Priest
7. Summon all Hate
8. Morbid Death
9. Bury Me in a Nameless Grave
10. Armalite Assassin
11. Strike of the Apocalypse


Maurice Swinkels - vocals
Twan van Geel - guitars
Harold Gielen - bass
Erik Fleuren – drums

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