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February 2014
Released: 2013, Ravenheart
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After many line up and receptions issues, Legend now fit comfortably into the alternative music scene with their unusual, theatrical and cinematic sound. Their release of Spirit brought a new project and sound to the forefront for them, hopefully attracting a new fandom!

A mix of synth and guitar smashes open the first track. It’s cinematic. I feel a little like a super hero of some sort just listening to it! Appropriate enough seeing as this track is called Leap Of faith! The lyrics and vocals live up to this high standard already set by the instrumentalists. Remaining theatrical but with a modern edge, this song has already appealed to so many of my musical tastes and, assuming you don’t mind feeling epic while listening to your music, I can’t honestly imagine too many people who couldn’t get into this. The vocals are catchy with a unique edge, melding perfectly with the synths, the triumphant chorus is bound to have you singing along even if you don’t know the lyrics!

Wood For The Trees has very techno inspired introduction… It’s almost like stepping inside the mind of a gameboy colour! So far we’ve had theatrics, contemporary, techno… What next? Organs, that’s what! There seems to be nothing this band can’t pull off, and I’ve got to say, I am super impressed! Both keyboards and guitars in this song are incredibly varied and impressive, with impressive figure work, toe tapping melodies and memorable riffs.

A Tangled Skein has a much mellower introduction, performed by guitarist Paul, a perfect combination of technicality and feeling. Becks vocals are haunting, fitting with lyrics of loss and turmoil. Paines bass contribution to this song adds that extra level of depth, feeling and emotion in the verses of the track. The calm verses and contrasted fantastically by a bold and triumphant chorus full of power and victory, forced perfectly by the vocal abilities of Beck.

Crossing Of The Ways starts with the beautiful sounds of what much literally personify nature. It feels like you’re floating in space… Not a care in the World, and all the time to just think. Another sadder sounding track, with a big, powerful and heart felt chorus, this is destined to be a crowd favourite, stirring the feelings of fans of music genres ranging from folk to metal! A truly beautiful track.

State Of Grace follows the previous track, with a beautiful clean introduction, a sad marking for the end of the album. A speedy change by keyboardist Paine and the song kicks in. Full power from everyone. Impressive drum rolls, deep bass, riffing guitar and powerful vocals change this song from a sad piece to a triumphant end. It’s like the finish line is in site and you’re running, not slowing down, you know that this is a BIG finish. Cinematic, operatic, theatrical with beautiful guitar work, vocals and orchestral, ethereal singing, this band finishes with a song that embodies everything they stand, everything the album has demonstrated so far. It truly is the perfect ending to such a massive album!

Review by Katherine Tullett
Track Listing

1. Leap of Faith
2. Wood for the Trees
3. A Tangled Skein
4. Crossing of the Ways
5. State of Grace


Vocals - Beck Sian
Keyboards and Bass – Steve Paine
Guitars – Paul Thomson
Drums – John Macklin

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