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Killers Lodge
Unnecessary I
February 2014
Released: 2014, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Formed from the ashes of Raza de Odio, Killers Lodge is the brainchild of brothers John KillerBob and Christo Machete. About 180 degrees removed from the flamenco death of their previous outfit, Killers Lodge is a more stripped down operation that explores the depths of thrash n’ roll on their self-released debut, UNNECESSARY I.

Collectively, the 10 tracks are built on a framework of heavy rhythms, bouncing grooves, and a thrashified rock sound that’s bound to draw the inevitable Motorhead and Venom comparisons. Taken at face value it’s a presentation that generally works well. Musically the band is out to have a good time and the presentation of the tunes supports the energy that you’d expect a tight power trio to deliver. Tracks like “New Life”, “Like a Rock” (not a Bob Seger cover), “Bow and Scrape”, and the wickedly upbeat “The Glory and the Pillory” are definite highlights that display the trio’s knack for writing punchy, vibrant riffs. Lyrically though, Killers Lodge covers a wide berth of topics covering everything from their audience, morality, punishment, and outer space. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but you’ve gotta give these guys points for doing their own thing.

The biggest distraction on UNNECESSARY I, however, is the vocals. John KillerBob’s got a one-dimensional kind of bark that sounds like something between Sheer Terror’s Paul Bearer and a congested Evan Seinfeld. Which maybe if the music leaned more hardcore or less melodic his delivery would sync with the tunes better, but as it is, it steps all over any existing contour or color.

But what the hell do I know; I’m just a dude with a laptop and an opinion. There are still some great riffs to be found on UNNECESSARY I and it’d probably make a great soundtrack for a night of beer pounding and head banging. Album samples and purchase info are available on the Killers Lodge website, check it out and decide for yourself.
Track Listing

1. Cosmos
2. Like a Rock
3. The Grudge
4. Inefficiency
5. New Life
6. Who We Are
7. Land of Doom
8. Ship of Fools
9. Bow and Scrape
10. The Glory of the Pillory


John KillerBob - Bass, Vocals
Olly Razorback - Guitars
Christo Machete – Drums

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