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The Search Goes On
February 2014
Released: 2014, Despotz Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The accompanying press release comfortingly assures me that Kamchatka, the peninsula-named Swedish trio, are Clutch-approved. Presumably because they've supported the mighty ones in the past. Well Kamchatka aren't Clutch. And that's just as well – Clutch are a one-off, the kind of band out of the blue that we need more of. Equally I don't think Kamchatka want to be Clutch. That settled, it does seem that Neil and the gang are shit-hot at recognising good music when they hear it. (Guess that's a given really.)

From the first guitar rings of 'Somedays', THE SEARCH GOES ON belies its name. There is no need for the search to go on. Kamchatka have found gold here. Its yesteryear blues are retro but relevant, and the stoner/psychedelic edges fit without any friction. They probably didn't waste time thinking about such things though. The music just seems to spin out of them, and you find yourself worrying less about the individual threads and more about what end of the rope you can grab hold of.

It's hard to be all zip-zip with the knife and dissect THE SEARCH GOES ON, not least because it does injustice to the album as a whole, but because each track is its own beast. And you want to pet them all. But if we must then “Broken Man” is a showcase for those big soul filled blues vocals, “Tango Decadence” takes a marching tattoo and makes it danceable, and “Coast To Coast” makes the most of ex-Opethian Per Wiberg's funky bass. He also produced this lovely thing of an album in case you wanted to know.

“Son Of The Sea” could be a cut from Black County Communion's recording sessions – a band that don't have to hark back to that old sound because some of them were there when it was new. “Pressure” is another great little song along those lines. By likening Kamchatka to BCC I'm basically saying that the band are more than capable of knocking boots with the best. And I literally just said it there.

Actually I missed one point when I said Kamchatka aren't Clutch, because just like the latter they continue to put out albums that are actually good. Not mediocre or alright, but good. That's what THE SEARCH GOES ON is, and you don't need long listening to their bluesy harmonies or Hendrix-nod riffs to know it. If you must continue the search then do so by looking for Kamchatka's back catalogue because this band deserve your time.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs
Track Listing

1. Somedays
2. Tango Decadence
3. Coast To Coast
4. Son Of The Sea
5. Broken Man
6. Pressure
7. Cross The Distance
8. Thank You For Your Time
9. Dragons
10. The Search Goes On


Thomas ”Juneor” Andersson - guitar and vocals
Per Wiberg - bass and vocals
Tobias Strandvik - drums

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