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Beneath the Ashen Sky
February 2014
Released: 2013, Artnoir Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having been around for quite a few years, Apathy began as a solo project by Vicktor Jonas in 2003. Since that time the project has expanded through recruiting various members and releasing a series of recordings along the way. Their latest output Beneath the Ashen Sky represents the Death/ Doom metal outfit’s most solid work to date and is a reflection of their maturity of sound.

Opening to the cathartic riffs of ‘Lepar Tides’ the growls are met with some solid drum work, as the aggressive tone of the band kicks right in. The chaos disperses with a brief piano section before hailing into a drum led fury that propels everything forward into death metal territory.

‘Typhoon’ comes loaded with plenty of guitar hooks to reel metal fans in, as the consistent drum pounds reverberate back and forth. The deep-throated lung bellowing corrodes with an interesting use of guitar melody before speeding up into sonic driven beast with plenty of double kick pedals smashing into your ear drums.

Meanwhile, the brutality of ‘Murder Sun’ remains a contender for one of the album’s strongest offerings with its vicious sounding vocals and metallic guitar drone. The weighty sound of ‘Consumed’ reveals the band’s solid transition between Doom driven melancholy and Death Metal abrasiveness that pulls no punches in its execution.

Finally, ‘Endgame’ displays some of the vocalist’s most infernal growls to be found here with a greater depth that has felt somewhat needed up until now. The pace of track has more of a sludgey progression than the earlier tracks and heightens the sense of despair. The final few moments see the band spiralling further downward into torment as the husky growls seethe with destructive energy.

Overall this was quite a formidable release that should easily draw in quite a crowd. There may not be anything particularly ground breaking about this band but they do display a well measured balance when it comes to song writing and they manage to keep their things interesting for the most part without lapsing into repetition, making this a worthy output for anyone looking for some no nonsense and ballsy metal.

Review by: Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Leper Tides
2. The Burial Grounds
3. Typhoon
4. Fear Me
5.Murder Sun
6. Amongst The Dead
7. Consumed
8. Luna
9. Endgame


Viktor Jonas - rhtyhm and lead guitars, bass guitar, drum programming & keyboards
Philip Grüning - vocals & lyrics

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