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From All Purity
February 2014
Released: 2013, Relapse
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

"Back to the start, talk of the part/When the earth was cold as ice/Total dismay as the sun passed away/And the days where black as night"…Megadeth’s lyrics can describe precisely what was the soundtrack of the beginning of the end of the word. I really cannot think of a better example of ‘blackened doom’ than Indian and their fifth brand new black funeral doom album. FROM ALL PURITY is the name of the blackened doom and chaotic ruin. Apocalypse is now! INDIAN are out to give us a lesson in doom. Opener ‘Rape’ booms out the speakers with chugging steamroller slow and mid-tempo violence blasting the surrounding landscape of disaster.

In the second soundtrack of abyss, ‘The Impetus Bleeds’, the guitars are strangely melodic in their asphyxiating heaviness, weaving catchy yet always darkly pessimistic lines of almost Electric Wizard-esque skill over traction engine bass and drums; whilst Patton’s superbly gurgling growling dying vocals are also surprisingly tuneful.

The closing track ‘Disambiguation’ is yet another insanely heavy yet catchy bomb blast of drop-tuned malice. Yes, you will be humming the guitar refrain over and over as you go about your daily chores. It is a bombastic and brilliant eight minute dirge that further illuminates this adept song-writing skill, which is even further cemented by the two previous tracks: ‘Clarify’ and the ominous ‘Rhetoric of No’ stretch out the end of this excellent album with punishingly mordant guitars and horrifyingly anguished and corpse-shrieking vocals.

FROM ALL PURITY is a stunning opening and harbinger of emotions through a primal ritualistic drone and tune. Drenched in dark beauty, brume, dusk and corrosion of the world, resonates through every pore to ignite the deepest powers and shadows straight out of wombs and bowels of death. The inner being is the mighty energy to feel this record all over your skin. The hypnotic atmosphere is the veil of doom and grief that lingers the departure of the real world to another dehumanized one.
Track Listing

1. Rape
2. The Impetus Bleeds
3. Directional
4. Rhetoric of No
5. Clarify
6. Disambiguation


Sean Patton: Noise
Will Lindsay: Vocals, guitar
Dylan O’Toole: Vocals, guitar
Ron DeFries: Bass
Bill Bumgardner: Drums



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