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Hexis Abalam
February 2014
Released: 2014, Halo of Flies
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Since their formation in 2010, Hexis have been carving a name for themselves as Denmark’s flagship Blackened Hardcore band. Delivering some serious engrossing and relentlessly energy with Abalam the band are set for some extensive touring to further the reaches of their already formidable sound.

Unravelling with the fuzzy guitar tones of ‘Faciem’ the distant shrieks can be faintly heard as the sense of anticipation builds throughout as the chaotic ‘Tenebris’ swings down at full force. The speedy drums and sonic riffs glide through as the savage growls plough through. The bass driven pace resonates with pure hardcore adrenaline that keeps the momentum well and truly alive.

‘Exanimis’ barges through in a similar fashion with some backing vocals droning guitars that leave no room for melody as the vocals tear at the flesh of track relentlessly. Meanwhile ‘Desolation’ bleeds with aggression and gritty sounding bass runs that are reminiscent of Converge.

The album’s title track ‘Abalam’ comes fully loaded with a dissonant sounding backbone, full of grinding riffs and pounding drums giving everything that raw sounding edginess that is reflected in its lighting fast drum work.

The majority of the album can best be described as a continuation of what the first half of the album dishes out. Plenty of raw sounding guitars and visceral shrieks and screams with bass driven grooves thrown about the place to offer up a sense of cohesion. One thing that becomes apparent very quickly is that these short outbursts of energy from ‘Immolabant’and ‘Exterminati’ are so synonymous with each other its hard to tell where one track ends and the next begins.

This being said, ‘Inferis’ appears to be one of the few songs that really stands out. The final track has a brooding and catastrophic wake that sucks you into its vacuum and refuses to let go. The sludgy bass and drum weightiness remain prevalent during the opening moments but quickly shift into one of the band’s most infernal sounding beasts on here.

Whilst this album may not be the most accessible recording to get your head around it does come with plenty of bravado in its stripped down sounding song structures. The thing that really makes this album fall short however is its lack of memorable tracks and variation in sound. This is not say it is weak album however, but it is one that in its extremity and focus will only satisfy the most the most dedicated of listeners.

Review by: Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Faciem
2. Tenebris
3. Exanimis
4. Sequax
5. Desolatum
6. Supplex
7. Abalam
8. Timor
9. Exhausit
10. Immolabant
11. Exterminati
12. Neglexerunt
13. Inferis



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