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Hellish War
Keep It Hellish
February 2014
Released: 2013, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Brazilian heavy metal scene is getting larger and greater than ever. A great evidence of this statement is artillerymen Hellish War and their brand new album KEEP IT HELLISH. The band is returned to the scene with an incredible thunderstroke. KEEP IT HELLISH had been the title of the new Brazilian metal scene’s heroes and it truly brought in a lot of wind, almost kindling a storm of enthusiasm.

By merit and stance the Brazilians of Darkness have returned with more dirty deeds, hoping to reignite the furious trauma by firmly planting one foot in the grave, and one in the trash. My blood pumps when I harp back to the songs of terror (especially the wonderfull ‘The Challenge’ and ‘Master of Wreckage’ and its striking chorus) this riot squad once penned and presented. Honestly, I was quite impressed with this last two album releases (‘Defenders of Metal’, ‘Heroes of Tomorrow’), as well, which recaptured the hunger and greed for the past. Fortunately, KEEP IT HELLISH is rife with great riffs and imaginative suggestions.

Basically, this one is a slider between Heavy and Epic metal, harbors addictive riffery and a crude rhythm section. The lengthy closer of this chapter ‘The Quest’, inflames with an Epic consumed tug of war, well developed track leading from slicing riffery to a decisive simple chorus displaying a heck of vocal presentation. Following a destructive string of leads and solos, and remarkable harmonies that at parts reminds Iron Maiden instrumentally, how can one den this one from glory? Fans of Manowar, Grave Digger and Iron Maiden, would adore this epic release and surely devour its music. So heavy, so epic, so brilliant.
Track Listing

1. Keep It Hellish
2. The Challenge
3. Reflects on the Blade
4. Fire and Killing
5. Master of Wreckage
6. Battle at Sea
7. Phantom Ship
8. Scars (Underneath your Skin)
9. Darkness Ride
10. The Quest


Bil Martins – Vocals
Vulcano – Guitar
Daniel Job – Guitar
JR – Bass
Daniel Person – Drums

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