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Omen in the Sky
February 2014
Released: 2013, Mordgrimm
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I’m always intrigued hearing albums with only one member doing all the vocals and instruments and I am often left impressed and I am happy to say I am again with this release.

Tim Shaw certainly is one talented man and it is inspiring that one person can create such an amazing and intense album.

Kicking off the album with a punch the intro feels more like it’s meant for the power metal genre with the feeling of going into battle with horns playing in the background before Tim’s black metal vocals kick in. There is a wonderful balance of sounds with each instrument balanced out perfectly without the harsh vocals taking away from the melodies playing in the background.

This was one album that got my attention immediately and makes you stop and listen.

To say this is a black metal genre, wouldn’t give this album enough credit as there is so much going on and with so many different metal elements and impressive guitaring, this is one album that will appeal to many metal fans out there, especially with Tim mixing in his epic clean vocals, it breaks up the tracks perfectly aswell as some impressive guitar solos.

Forming in 2008 Tim mixes up history and folklore in his sounds and lyrics with his black metal vocals to make this album truly unique and is a great addition to English Black Metal. The album has perfect clear production and was mixed and mastered by Sam Wale (Imperial Vengeance, Fornost Arnor) and artwork designed by Dan Capp (Burzum, Winterfylleth).

The tracks are dynamic and original with influences of Emperor and Borknagar aswell as

Enslaved and Drudkh. The album ends on a high, with a beautiful piano atmospheric ending the last track, which just made me want to instantly play it again!

After great success in his last EP it is great to see him getting some recognition, but I feel he needs some more likes on his Facebook page! So come on guys check this album out and show your support!

I don’t think I could’ve loved this album any more if I tried!

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

1 Menace On the Bridge
2 Omen in the Sky
3 Woven Fate
4 Wainwright
5 Heretics
6 Wayland
7 Maiden in the Moor
8 Perennial


Tim Shaw - Everything

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