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Les Enfants D'Apocalypse
February 2014
Released: 2014, Self-released/independent
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

ERADICATED are a German band who basically play that Death Metal variant known today as "Deathcore" that is so common among more mainstream bands, except they avoid the inclusion of "melodic" vocals, which is one of the few positive things I can say about this "Les Enfants D apocalypse" EP. The production, as is common for this type of music, makes everything sound mechanical and artificial. There is no doubt in my mind that the band is composed of good musicians, but the tendency to drop breakdowns every ten seconds does not work for me. There is technicality involved, yes, but it is done with that "look at what I play" frame of mind, instead of it being applied to provide atmosphere or context to the songs.

The title track proves to be a short intro that leads into "Cerebral Decline", and one can already notice some of the issues here, as it just seems like Metal Core with Cannibal Corpse-style vocals. There is some nice riffing about two minutes into the song, but it just doesn't go beyond its Metal Core mold, which is what happens with the rest of the record, as the songs just sort of become excuses for the band to show off. The record seems neurotic, and not in a good way: riffs are clustered one after the other, and except for maybe "Apocalypse Afterbirth", these never settle into a coherent flow. I can understand that the band may be trying to be "unpredictable" with its restless style, but Gorguts this band is not. The guitar sweeps become annoying after a while, the drums repeat the same tricks of fast/slow/fast most of the time, and the bass is inaudible. The vocals are not bad, and I am surprised the band resisted the temptation of adding "sung" whiny vocals, so I'll give them that much credit. Still, I found myself waiting for the record to be over after just a few songs. The album closes with a hidden track that is basically one of those one second songs that Napalm Death and S.O.D. speciallized in, except without the fun.

Overall, this record could be recommended for people who enjoy stuff like SUICIDE SILENCE and JOB FOR A COWBOY, and even they may find the band not that attention grabbing (although, who knows?). For Death Metal fans, however, I have to say that they will immediately shout "mainstream", and pull out their old Cianide records.

Review by Titus Isaac
Track Listing

01. Les enfants d'apocalypse
02. Cerebral Decline
03. Above The Damned
04. 5GA1NP
05. An Equalizing Paradox
06. Apocalypse Afterbirth
07. D.emise O.blivion E.xtinction


Erich - vocals
Marian - bass
Daniel - guitar
Steven - guitar
Marcel - drums

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