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WTF Happened To Journalism
February 2014
Released: 2013, Lucidia Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

From Wigan.. This is the third full album. Produced by Paul O'Neill ( worked with Saxon). This fresh New album doesn't disappoint..

1. Whiskey Voodoo.

With a Big fat sound. A powerful groove from the rytham. The intro is awesome. The Production is a peach. The sound from all the instruments are so strong. Calderbank's vocals make you want to shout along. The feeling from this song to me is like you are getting ready for a fight and you are not going to back down. Andy Highland delivers the lead in anything like a stereotypical classic style. The bass from Alex Burnell is fatter than a Florida veteran. The drums from Gregg Brady are so precise it's crazy clinical almost like a surgeon. As well as dropping vocals through the roof Calderbank enforces this dirty tune with breeze block rytham guitar. What a devil's cut to a first song on a album.

2. Zombie ( Instrumental)

I love instrumentals. It brings out the musical influences of a band. As well as showing how strong the band is without vocals. The song starts beautifully with a cleaner than communion feeling. You know that the song is not going to be sweet and innocent the whole way through. Element delivers the goods. Eerie styled vocals with blackened rytham. The mid break wants to take you into the pleasure dome. The song is perfectly executed.

3. Kings of Martyrdom.

Heavy intro. This song has deep rhythms with cutting deep vocals. A slower but perfect. And meaningful tempo. The lead build up is strong and it's ready to slap you back into the rytham section. The lead. Comes in again teasing you with a horror delay the bass is applied like a steroid. Top marks.

4. Abbey Lakes.

With a relaxing and soothing intro. The vocals are clean and crisp with the bass thickening with a warm feeling. The style of this song creates a curveball to the album. I think it takes balls to be different. This album has been mixed and produced to an immense standard.

5. WTF Happened To Journalism.

The drums and bass kick you in to taking notice into this intro. Welcome to the The rytham and vocals. This song builds up to what I wanted to hear. With aggressionfrom vocals and the rytham done so well. This song is pumping poignant and expressed so well. With the mid break slinging you into the corner of the room!!. You want to know what happened to journalism just keep listening. With the lead being deep and hateful the rytham shows pain. You can almost see how much Calderbank is squeezing the fret board on his guitar.

6. Something Down.

with a orchestral and epic style intro. The delay from the drums puts you into an almost trance. The vocals are different again. Clean guitars with a pushing force and a death undertone. Time had been taken in creating the build up with haunting screams making this a thought inducing song. This is amazing on the senses. A horror soundtrack if I ever heard one. Outstanding effort.

7. Wasteland Stomp.

Yes!! Have some of that intro. This song has a moshpit stance in the making, ready to beat the Hell out of you. The bass when the volume on your stereo goes to 11 moves the right internal and external organs. Dirty lead and hungry rytham beats you into taking notice. The whole style of the song passes you around like a leaf in a hurricane. The band got the mix so right on this. A sleazy feel to the song aggrevates the destruction part of your brains.

8. December Song.

This song made me think.. You can chill out to this song because of the enchanting rytham and drums put you in a false sense of security. You will enjoy the way it's going. You know it will go mental at any second. Don't let your guard down. The vocals are delivered perfectly. The balance of the instruments with the presence of the band make this clinical. This shows the sign of a true hard working and intellectual band. No wonder this band has supported Diamond Head.

9. She Sells Sanctuary ( cover ).

A brilliant cover with a v8 style slung in your face. The vocals turn this song from a rock to a metal tune. You wanted a classic cover with a new edge you got it!. Element do this song justice. But that is the whole point of a cover right. I have sung and drank through this album and it has been not just a pleasure but also an honour to review this album. This is the first album I have reviewed so I hope that I haven't been over stoked about it. Buy this album!!!

Review by Wez Gill.
Track Listing

1. Whiskey Voodoo
2. Zombie ( Instrumental)
3. Kings of Martyrdom
4. Abbey Lakes
5. WTF Happened To Journalism
6. Something Down
7. Wasteland Stomp
8. December Song
9. She Sells Sanctuary ( Cover)


Adam Caldebank Vocals and rytham
Andy Highlan Lead
Alex Burnell Bass
Greg Brady Drums

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