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February 2014
Released: 2013, Massacre
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

The previous year Eisregen has deliver their tenth morbid album, TODESTAGE, in the almost twenty year long career and it is frankly speaking the first time I’ve listened to their horror music. Now, judging by the cover artwork, these guys might be dealing with some horror/extreme/goth/black/industrial obscure music. Though, this statement may need to be much clearer.

During certain parts of the first track one can get a feeling that Eisregen are a Cradle of Filth cover-band. This not bad for them as they might want to show some of their influences on them. Besides, throughout the entire album there are parts that are clear references to Rammstein, especially in the way the solid industrial guitar riffs are delivered and in parts in the songwriting. Maybe, this is not totally true because that such associations do emerge must be probably credited to the fact that the band sing a whole bunch of lyrics in German. Of course they are utterly ulike to the Berlin-based band, when the pure black metal parts begin.

Eisregen plunge into mix where black metal meets industrialized gothic metal under a piano and violin infused-cinematic veil. I really like the way they combine different metal subgenres without sounding kitsch.

TODESTAGE is a theatrical concoction sounds by the way a bit as Cradle of Filth met Rammstein and they met at the corner Lacrimosa. It is a piece of nice German torpedo delivering a pure blasting industrial black metal and surely they can come up with lots of slow and catchy tunes and melodies incorporating them in the fastest tunes that make German and entire black metal Europe shake.
Track Listing

1. Waldgott
2. Todestag
(Deutschland Sucht Die Superleiche)
4. Höllenfahrt
5. Lang Lebe Die Nadel
6. Familienbande:
Vater Tod & Mutter Nacht
7. Oh Wie Sie Schrie
8. Mitternacht
9. Oststern Am Narbenhimmel
10. Tot / Untot
11. Seele Mein
12. Eisenherz


M. Roth - Vocals
Yantit – Puls- Guitar
Bursche Lenz - Vier- & Sechssaiter- Bass
Dr. Franzenstein – Tastenwelt - Drums



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