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Shades Of Insanity
February 2014
Released: 2014, Noisehead Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Disharmony is not such a new metal band in Greece. Their roots are based back in 1997 and after two demos they managed release their debut album, SHADES OF INSANITY, in 2014 (although it was already prepared in 2010). Disharmony incorporates elements from a variety of metal sub-genres, making it difficult to categorize their music. They seem to play a Nevermore-like way of metal but in a softer version.

With their sprawling, progressive balladry mixed with speed metal turns, Disharmony try to combine many metal subgenres. Songs like ‘Shadows’ and ‘This possible Lie’ would be acclaimed as of the best moments of SHADES OF INSANITY and obviously the Nevermore influence is upon it. The album also has a great cover track that the band does a commendable job on. Disharmony cover Dead Can Dance’s ‘Oman’ and they managed to adapt it in their own style by adding a metal edge to it.

SHADES OF INSANITY is Disharmony at their most vulnerable and passionate. It's a very melodic album, sometimes bombastic and guitar heavy, other times subdued and mellower. I knew that Chris Kounelis has got a great voice, and that's on full display here. From deep baritone crooning to melodic singing to belting it out, he's always on point.

SHADES OF INSANITY has some excellent songs, especially the mellower ones, and it's good to hear bands exploring some different musical styles and not creating music in the already explored sections of metal.
Track Listing

Chris Kounelis - Vocals
John Kaorusiotis – Guitar
Stefanos Georgitsopoulos – Guitar
Panagiotis Gatsopoulos – Bass
Thanos Pappas - Drums


1. Shades of Insanity
2. This Possible Lie
3. Infinity Astray
4. Forgotten in oblivion
5. Oman
6. Nostalgia
7. Shadows
8. Cosmic Anarchy

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