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Diary Of Secrets
Diary Of Secrets
February 2014
Released: 2013, Sleazy Rider
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Greece is still one of the most prolific nations on the globe when it comes to producing acts that defend the faith of True Metal. Diary Of Secrets is a newly founded and young quartet from Thessaloniki and they have issued their self-titled debut album. They signed with Sleazy Rider Records and recruited Marios Iliopoulos (Nightrage) as producer so they have a couple of good things going for them.

DIARY OF SECRETS is a solid debut. The 11 cuts are good, traditional/classic Metal. The vocals of are pretty rough and raw and he sings in a lower to mid-range with good grit in his voice. At times you uses some effects on his voice which are not really necessary. I like his tone energy and delivery. There are some good gang-vocals at the chorus to help fill out the sound. The songs are quite conventional in terms of arrangements with a good driving tempo for most of them. The guitar solos of Teo Ross are a strength for the band as well. Diary Of Secrets has a nice thick guitar tone and some good riffs that are memorable. I would like to see them develop a bit more personality in the song-writing but there are some good catchy choruses such as the one on ‘The Devil’s Guardian’. There are a few other little musical embellishments that add to the record. There is some acoustic piano, violin, and acoustic guitar on the decent instrumental ballad, ‘The Archangel’ and a bit more acoustic guitar here and there.

I’m not convinced that the band name, Diary Of Secrets is the best name for the type of Metal they play. To me the name sounds more like an Italian Prog band. The band is much heavier than the name and album title suggest. Even the album cover has sort of some metaphysical imagery that suggests progressive Metal. If you are looking for new music by undiscovered talent, don’t let the band name dissuade you from checking out this promising young act.
Track Listing

1. Chapter One
2. Stone Heart Bleeding
3. I Am Living Fire
4. End Of Days (Falling skies)
5. Devilish Guardian
6. The Archangel
7. Outlaw
8. J&H
9. Immortal
10. Another Age Is Yet To Come
11. You Can't Hide


Bill Ladopoulos - Vocals
Tom D - Guitar
Teo Ross -Guitar
Strutter Bass - Bass

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