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Civilization One
Calling The Gods
February 2014
Released: 2012, Limb Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

The First Civilization One album, REVOLUTION RISING was a decent effort but not earth-shattering. I liked it but not enough to follow the band carefully. In fact, I has assumed they had broken up afterwards. This is sort of true as they recorded a second album, which sat on the shelf after they left the Metal Heaven label. Back in early 2012 Limb Records picked up the unreleased sophomore album with some bonus tracks, and even so, I still was only vaguely aware that it was around. I recently had the chance to hear CALLING THE GODS and now I’m thankful that Limb did put it out because it is a stronger album.

There were some pretty large line-up changes between the two records with only vocalist Chitty Somapala and bassist remained from the original quintet. Perhaps this was a good change as I feel CALLING THE GODS is a better album than the debut. Civilization play a very nice mid-pace to quick Euro-Power Metal style with lots of melody and drive. They are not gothic or symphonic, nor progressive or ultra speedy, they fall into that classic Metal zone like so many solidly entertaining bands such as Brainstorm, Symphorce and bands like Human Fortress and Burning Point that were on Limb one time or another.

Chitty still has a great voice, his performance on the ballad, ‘Reunite’ is superb. The albums surges along with some decent solos and tracks like ‘Arch Angel’ and ‘The Supernatural Virtue’ really rage. All through the album the performances are excellent and there is some different musical components, ethnic sounds and acoustic tones to add to the overall effect. There are also some good underlying keyboards swashes to add depth to the songs. There are 13 cuts and CALLING THE GODS only runs 45 minutes so you can tell the songs are short and have simple constructions, letting good choruses and hooks carry each song. There is sort of a classy sophistication that never really gets too crazy or over the top. The band shows a lot of restraint but I think when they cut loose a bit, open up the throttle, is where they really shine.

I’m not sure what is going on in the Civilization One camp as they don’t seem to have much activity right now. Even if they never record another album, at least they left on a high note with CALLING THE GODS.
Track Listing

1. Aazis
2. Calling the Gods
3. The Land in Flames
4. Archangel
5. Evil Eye
6. Hell Awaiting
7. True Believer
8. Reunite
9. The Supernatural Virtue
10. New World
11. Spirit in the Wind (Bonus Track)
12. Believing the Dream (Bonus Track)
13. Dreams of Fire (We Unite As One) (Bonus Track)


Chity Somapala Vocals
Nicklaus Bergen Guitar
Oliver Marmann Guitar
Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson Bass
Michael Stein Drums

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