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The Anomaly
February 2014
Released: 2013, Hellstorm Recordz
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The introduction to this album is by no means friendly. The tension building up in the first track before it fully kicks in makes you almost dread what’s to come… In a good way! And these guys don’t hang about! Every instrument is used to its fullest immediately with drum rolls and technical guitar and bass hat literally smack you in the face! The vocals are perfect for the track, with a balanced mix of highs and lows. Mass Inf3ction is literally the most perfect introduction to this type of record. Even after 3 minutes, I found myself grooving along, already familiar with the riffs and flow of the track.

Depression Unrest begins straight away, once again, with impressive drums, followed swiftly by gut wrenching vocals. It seems clear to me already, a mere minute into the song, that this is a song to show of drumming technicality! Not a problem at all as we do appear to be in the generation of the drummer! And deservedly so! That is not to undermine the quality of the bass and guitar playing who join with heavy riffs and, at one point, an almost beautiful melody. But wait… clean vocals? Nice, no doubt! A little low in the mix though, but loud enough to be appreciated.

Infinite Random Matrix lives up to it’s mad title, beginning with technical riffs and grunting vocals to follow. This is no doubt due to be a crowd pleaser, with intense drums, slow grooves and a mix of catchy vocals and melodies! Not to imply that the other tracks haven’t been enjoyable so far, but this track has definitely had me engaged the most so far. A must listen for fans of Sacred Mother Tongue! A highlight for this album so far! Single material for sure!

Learning To Die begins far differently to the previous tracks, with clean vocals followed by a

slightly sadder sounding melody, but obviously still groovy! He chorus and verse

compliment each other nice. The head bangingly brilliant groove of the verses work very well

with the cleaner and more sombre chorus. As to be expected with these guys, the drums are

relentless and the guitars are beautifully technical, shown with a well thought out solo.

Beneath all of this, the bass is complimenting the mix perfectly, adding that extra note of

sadness and depth to this song.

No breaks guys! Angry and brutal, Involuntary Seizure Machine does everything it says on the tin… All I can picture is strobe lights! These guys clearly have a sound for themselves that runs solidly through out the album, debatably a little repetitive in writing style but more definitely enjoyable! It is clear the band has tried to differentiate each song with quirky little licks and mood and they can be felt by the listener.

With Cries Of Hate is another face smasher that does not back down. Even in the slower chugging section of this song, it is quite clear that you would not want to mess with this track! Once again, filled with impressive instrumental work from all of the members that help to create the mood of the track! Dare I say, a little bit of a metal core sound to them??? Again, definitely for fans of Sacred Mother Tongue, varying through to maybe even early Slipknot fans and maybe even through to lighter Bullet and Trivium fans! (Sorry, but hitting a broad spectrum of fans is certainly not a bad thing!)

Starting with synths, the band have once again managed to successfully convey the mood of the track within seconds of it starting… But wait, holy hell! One of my favourite bits of guitar work for the album so far! Where most of the previous tracks have seemed to be primarily drum and vocal orientated, this track really shows the ability of the guitarists and their groovy groovy groove skills! Complimenting the mix, the bass sits nicely in this song, adding the extra dimension to the grooves and dark mood.

Bam! You didn’t need a break did you??? Stay strong through to the finish? That’s exactly what these guys have done! Hooked Into This Deceiver is another instrumental and vocally impressive track that’s clearly been very well thought out and still sticks with the bands distinct sound. Did I mention they like their squealies (pinched harmonics)?

Still relentless, Cell No. 579 is another definite crowd pleaser (Much like most of the album in all fairness) A little more erratic and angry, this one is guaranteed to see some crowd injuries… Once again, all of these seemingly bad things are actually amazing and are the product of a powerful and brutal album!

Die Through Me is the closing track of the album and is certainly a nice closing piece. With an unusual intro, gruelling vocals, the compulsory use of sqeaulies, dirty, dirty bass, fast drums and well thought out guitar riffs, this track is bound to make you wish it wasn’t over.

Go on. Have another listen. I know I will be!

Review by Katherine Tullett
Track Listing

1. The Mass Inf3ction
2. Depression Unrest
3. Infinite Random Matrix
4. Learning To Die
5. Involuntary Seizure Machine
6. With Cries Of Hate
7. Enlightened By The Darkness Within
8. Hooked Into This Deceiver
9. Cell No. 579
10. Die Through Me


James Brookes: Vocals
Fred Dupuis: Guitar
Eric Lemire: Drums
Vince Benoit: Guitar
John Yates: Bass

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