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Necronomic Warfare
February 2014
Released: 2014, Unspeakable Axe Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

I once caught an awful bout of trenchrot from this girl I met in Manila…not a pleasant experience AT ALL…

But seriously, Trenchrot is a Philly based outfit that declare only two rules: 1) “Play Death Metal” and 2) “Crush Posers”. And their debut full length NECRONOMIC WARFARE does a pretty good job of living up to those rules, brandishing a hostile brand of battle inspired death metal. Sonically reminiscent of early Asphyx and Dismember, Trenchrot’s sound comes across as superficially raw and pungent, but underneath the mire is a strict discipline of power, melody, and persistent aggression.

Covering such divergent subjects such as war, things that happen during the course of war, death metal, and uh, war, NECRONOMIC AGGRESSION approaches their subject matter with gusto, making it the ideal battlefield soundtrack. Album opener “Death by Trenchrot” is like a panzer division on amphetamines; it’s fast, raw, borderline sloppy, but GODDAM if it doesn’t get your blood pumping. And if that was the only redeeming quality about NECRONOMIC WARFARE, it’d still be a pretty great record. But Trenchrot put up a fine effort to counter that sense of lacking restraint with memorably balanced riffs (“Gustav Gun”, “The Most Unspeakable Acts”) and strikingly pristine guitar work (“Death by Trenchrot”, “Mad Dogs of War”, and the title track). It’s a great strategy that really balances the album out and it certainly brought me back for additional listens.

Released through Unspeakable Axe Records, NECRONOMIC WARFARE also includes Trenchrot’s 2013 3-track demo, DRAGGED DOWN TO HELL. Which if I hadn’t read that these were demo recordings in the press, I would’ve never known – these tunes pack the same wallop as the 8 proper album tracks and sound just as professional. By this point you should be curious enough to check out NECRONOMIC WARFARE for yourself, and lucky day, the album should be available for purchase by mid-February. In the meantime, check out Trenchrot’s Facebook or Bandcamp pages where the original DRAGGED DOWN TO HELL demo is available as a name your name your price download. You’re welcome.
Track Listing

1. Death by Trenchrot
2. Gustav Gun
3. The Most Unspeakable of Arts
4. Mad Dogs of Wars
5. Sickening Devotion
6. Necrotic Victory
7. Maddening Aggression
8. Necronomic Warfare
9. Gallery of the Dead
10. Trapped Under Treads
11. Dragged Down to Hell


Steve Geptik - Bass
Justin Bean - Drums
Brooks Wilson - Guitars
Steve Jansson - Guitars, Vocals

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