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The Kennedy Veil
Trinity of Falsehood
February 2014
Released: 2014, Unique Leader Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Three years after self-releasing their debut album, The Sentence of Their Conqueror, Sacramento's The Kennedy Veil return with a new frontman, Taylor Wientjes, and a label deal that should help the band boost their profile. And deservedly so. Despite boasting one of death metal's least obviously threatening or grotesque names, The Kennedy Veil are as fearsome a foursome as there is.

Exploding out of the shoot with the furious “Ad Noctum,” the band deliver death metal malevolence with hardcore ferocity and murderous efficiency. These guys don't let a second go to waste – there's little in the way of dramatic intros or slow builds or expository asides here. They kick most of the songs into high gear from note one and blast away over Gabe Seeber's neck-break tempos like there's no tomorrow.

The album's 11 songs fly by in a frantic 33 minutes, with Wientjes' drill-sergeant cadence leading the charge on the likes of “Eulogy of the Divine,” “Disciples of Dead Aeons” or “Necrotic Gospel.” He's much more of a barker than a gurgler or puker, which helps here with clarity and authority given the velocities he's got to contend with.

Guitarist KC Childers, too, provides some surprisingly meaty riffs that work their way through the bluster and give the album some genuine weight, notably on “Beneath The Shroud of Atonement” or the almost vintage Voivod-like “In The Ashes of Humanity.” Bassist Shawn Peterson has the busier fingers here, more closely keeping pace with Seeber, while Childers hammers away to give it all a solid center.

Trinity of Falsehood is an assaultive, often exhausting yet ultimately exhilarating album from a band that certainly looks to make some waves in the year ahead. A face-ripper to be sure.
Track Listing

1. Ad Noctum
2. Eulogy of the Divine
3. Enslave.Defile.Erase
4. Trinity of Falsehood
5. King of Slaves
6. Seventh Circle
7. Necrotic Gospel
8. Beneath the Shroud of Atonement
9. Disciples of Dead Aeons
10. In the Ashes of Humanity
11. Perfidia


Taylor Wientjes - vocals
KC Childers - guitar
Shawn Peterson - bass
Gabe Seeber - drums

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