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The End
You Made The Rain Disappear
February 2014
Released: 2013, Depressive Illusions Records / Hammerkreig Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

It’s funny how preconceptions driven by how something is tagged can often be misleading. Take for instance this four track EP by The End. Labelled as post black metal / rawgaze I immediately imagined something darker and heavier than what my ears were treated to. I think a better description would be ambient dark rock, but there again just how far do you want to take the whole sub genre description game?

THE END is actually a one man band who goes by the name Svartblod (or if you prefer Souvik in his home country of India). It is these sub continental origins that give this intriguing EP much of its unique sound. Svartblod has managed to weave home spun style with western substance which in my eyes makes him something of a musical yogi. The black metal in ‘You Made The Rain Disappear’ has been moulded into something soothing, something that is for the most part quite relaxing. So much so I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d have heard some whale song in the background.

You do get brief passages of heaviness too such as on ‘Ashes In The Wind’ where tranquility temporarily gives way to some energetic rhythm work and then later something truly dark and unearthly. This particular track interestingly includes a guest appearance by CHRISISCHRIST vocalist Uruksoth, the Cantabrian even managing to squeeze in a few words in his native Spanish towards the finale.

There’s no doubt that ‘You Made The Rain Disappear’ will be too slow for many metal fans out there, black or otherwise. This is very much one for those that go for the experimental or that are happy to genre hop. It’s certainly not going to set any party’s alight either but it would be an awesome conversation piece for that time when everyone’s ready to just chill out. Ignoring the normal verse, chorus, verse constraints in true black metal tradition THE END might well see this as the beginning of something special.

Review by Gary Trueman
Track Listing

Shallow Hearts, Empty Streets
Lost Memories
Ashes In The Wind (feat Uruksoth)


Svarblod - All instruments and vocals
Uruksoth - Additional vocals

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