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Remnants of Forgotten Horrors
February 2014
Released: 2014, Triumvirate
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Astrophobos is a name that should be familiar to anyone even remotely interested in the blackened death metal genre (as well as fans of HP Lovecraft, obviously!).

They released their first EP; Arcane Secrets was released to critical acclaim in 2010 and this, their debut full-length shows a band who sound developed beyond their years. There sound is reminiscent of Necrophobic and Naglfar with a definite hint of Somberlain era Dissection for good measure.

The first track, Soul Disruptor kicks things off with a suitably venomous onslaught that continues unabated through Winds of Insanity; the intro of The Malevolent Firmament breaks things up by bringing the tempo down a notch before the barrage is resumed.

The mid to end section of Detestable Illumination is a particular highlight where again the tempo is slowed to allow each instrument to play its own part before ending again in a flurry of sound. Album closer; Celestial Calamity is particularly epic with a great acoustic interlude before descending back into a relentless assault of sound.

The overall feeling of the album is that of an epic relentless battle encompassing humanity.

Astrophobos have managed to meld brutality and melody very well on this album; they definitely know when less is more and when to unleash hell!

They have managed to take a genre that is pretty well represented and can sometimes seem a little clich├ęd and have definitely put their own slant on it. The tempo although fast, is always complimented in nearly every song by changes which leave an indelible mark on the listener.

This is testament both to the song writing and musicianship that has gone into creating this album, a must for fans of blackened death metal.

Review by Scrios
Track Listing

1. Soul Disruptor
2. Winds of Insanity
3. The Malevolent Firmament
4. Detestable Illumination
5. His Abysmal Grave
6. Invocating the Void
7. Of Primal Mystery
8. Celestial Calamity


Jonas Ehlin - Guitars
Micke Broman - Vocals & Bass
Martin Andersson - Guitars

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