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Engineering The Void
February 2014
Released: 2014, Unique Leader Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

A lot of American bands have borrowed a page or two – often many more - from the Swedish book of death metal over the years. Sweden's Soreption take things in the opposite direction, however, giving their death metal a decidedly sleek and technical feel more akin to American acts The Black Dahlia Murder, Origin, The Faceless or Cephalic Carnage than countrymen Amon Amarth, Soilwork or At The Gates.

The band even go so far as to enlist Black Dahlia frontman Trevor Strnad to guest on the title track of Engineering The Void, the band's second full-length, though it's the music here that really tells the story where Soreption is concerned. The vocals are almost a secondary matter.

Void is awash in riffs that swoop, shriek, race and roll, flighty leads all over the place, speed-freak bass runs and drum fusillades that sound like Rambo with a .50-caliber on his hip blazing away. It can be as dizzying as it is unrelenting.

Soreption pack as much into the opening tracks “Reveal The Unseen” and “The Nature of Blight” as some bands do over the course of an entire album. There's seemingly dozens of parts here strung together over constantly shifting tempos, with a few well-placed hooks from guitarist Anton Svedin or brief moshy sequences to add some meat to the stew.

The production is clean, crisp and almost clinical, which is definitely a good thing because with as much as there is going on here anything less would make it all sound like an avalanche of mud. And it really lets you sit back and marvel at the performances and the precision that is on display as the multitude of parts unfold.

Incredibly, Void doesn't sound particularly indulgent – perhaps because the guys stay so busy merely trying to keep things from going off the rails. Even a comparatively “slow” track like “Utopia” careens all over the place, so the complexity of the compositions demands such concentration that it leaves little room for showing off or extraneous soloing. And there's enough razzle-dazzle here already anyway.
Track Listing

1. Reveal The Unseen
2. The Nature Of Blight
3. Breaking The Great Narcissist
4. A Speech To Survival
5. Utopia
6. Monumental Burden
7. I Am You
8. Engineering The Void


Fredrik Söderberg - vocals
Anton Svedin - guitar
Tony Westermark - drums
Rickard Persson – bass

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