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Slaughter Day
Nightmare Vortex
February 2014
Released: 2013, F.D.A Rekotz
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Slaugherday's new album Nightmare Vortex is nothing short of a punishing aural assault, starting with their track Unearthly Evocation the classic death metal riffage hooks you from the outset, the crunching bass lines really do punch through the mix which is great as the bass can often get lost in the mix. The track itself is a mix of breakneck speed Death Metal riffs and slow undulating sounds which create a nightmarish vision in the minds eye.

Immediately you can see the bands influences shine through as there are clearly influences such as Autopsy and Hypocrisy.

The title track, Nightmare Vortex invokes a sense of being trapped in a never ending nightmare, it starts with a nice and slow riffage before a solo guitar comes in and ushers in an almost galloping rhythm that gives images of being chased relentlessly through the woods by a maniacal killer of your own making, a subconscious brute that terrorizes you whilst you sleep. The song returns to a slower doom styled riff before thundering back in with the torrential assault of the senses.

Addicted to the Grave kicks straight in, the guttural vocals grabbing you and the drums pound away, this track really lets you know who is boss and before you get your breath back a screaming guitar solo slides it's way into the mix. The overall sound varies from punishment to internal anguish. This is definitely a track to get a mosh pit going to!

Yet another unrelenting track comes in the form of Cosmic Horror, punching it's way in with a blistering guitar solo which is soon followed by an almighty death metal exhalation. It's speedy, choppy riffs get you head banging right away and the deep bass cuts right through the mix once again. Towards the middle of the song you have another guitar solo the brings to mind catastrophic collisions in space, black holes swirling and swallowing entire star systems which soon gives way to a deep chugging riff that cuts right to the core of a persons being.

Next up is the track entitled, Morbid Shroud of Sickness which straight away has a very old skool death metal feel to it, its starts off chuggy and then comes in with breakneck speed, a speed that does not let go of the listener for whilst your listening to this track you are on a roller-coaster of old skool brutality and downright savagery. I can see this track being one that gets Slaughterday fans very excited and moshing like madmen at live performances.

Slow and gritty is the feel of the next track, Cult of the Dreaming Dead, images of being trapped within a nightmare of your own making comes instantly, that your inner soul has it's fingernails deep within the excrement of an unstable mind trying to find it's way out, trying to find some light. This track has no light, only dark, depraved feelings of dreamlike melodies and bone crushingly deep guitars and bass which is complemented by the vocals and cutting drums. Towards the middle of the track some lighter rhythm guitar takes the stage and sets it for utter hopelessness and no return. All in all a very good track.

A solo guitar starts this track, Obsessed with the Undead, which is yet again another old skool feeling track that makes you feel that your laying on a mortuary slab awaiting your autopsy, only your NOT dead! The feeling of death and depravity shines through on this track and it also lets you know what these guys are also about. It's clear that these guys have a focused vision with their music and know how to paint a dream scape with great effect.

The final track of this album Nightmare Vortex is, Cryptic Desolation, which fades in with a harmonic chord and followed by a very meaty riff that screams death metal and a taste for depravity and soul crashingly deep guitars and bass. The vocals on this track cut through the mix and usher in images of destruction and of hatred. If there was ever a track to head bang to on this album it is certainly this one!

There's some great harmonizing lead guitar work which gives way to a chunky and doomy riff, this track like to get nice and deep and it burrows into a persons mind. I can only imagine hearing this song live at one of Slaughtday's gigs, you'd surely have all your internal organs liquefied by the ferocious bass.

My overall thoughts of this album are that it creates a terrific mind scape one that brings images of darkness, destruction, depravity and nightmarish landscapes. If you want an album that takes you to another place where your mind can engage with it and truly get a feeling of these guy's creativity then this album surely does so.

The album itself undulates between deep, meaty, bass filled riffs to old skool speed and carnage and it has many moments where you will be head banging like someone in a lunatic asylum without taking their daily meds!

It is quite clear to me that Jens and Bernd are both very accomplished musicians as I really cannot fault this album and whether your an existing fan or not this album will definitely interest you and it will grab your head with both hands and not let go until the album comes to it's abrupt end.

Review by Dan Parkes.
Track Listing

1 – Unearthly Evocation
2 – Nightmare Vortex
3 – Addicted to the Grave
4 – Cosmic Horror
5 – Morbid Shroud of Sickness
6 – Cult of the Dreaming Dead
7 – Obsessed with the Undead
8 – Cryptic Desolation


Jens Finger - Guitars/Bass (ex-Obscenity and Bernd Reiners - Drums/Vocals (ex- BK 49)

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