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The Measure Of Waste
February 2013
Released: 2012, Caverna Abismal / Neverheard
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This full-length debut from Hungarian black metallers Veér was originally released back in 2009, four years after their previous incarnation, Ravenshade, had the final nails prematurely hammered into its dark coffin, but has now been given a dusting down and re-issued on limited edition vinyl and cassette editions.

Unfortunately, ‘The Measure Of Waste’ is a fairly average, even second-rate, BM album, filled with pretty standard song structures and performances, and offers nothing that really makes you sit up an listen rather than having it as background music.

Vocalist Jim Jones (now, that’s a very Hungarian name, I don’t think) is the worst victim, as, despite his efforts to cross King Diamond with Tom Warrior, his voice is weak and unconvincing, while there is no use of melody, and by the fourth track it has all become very boring. And, to compound all the aforesaid woes, the production is muddy and horrible.

For die hard BM fans only.

Review by Mark Ashby
Track Listing

1. We’ve Lost In Light
2. Pull The Trigger
3. …All These Things Will End
4. Novaya Zemlya
5. Obsessed In Peace Of Mine
6. Praise Be To Roach
7. Flesh Dominates
8. Revelation
9. This Spring Is The Last
10. Outro (Hidden Track)


Jim Jones - vocals
Paga - guitar
M - guitar
Knot - drums
Major - bass

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