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Perzonal War
Captive Breeding
February 2013
Released: 2012, Metalville
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

As much as we try here at, it is hard to review every big album within the calendar year. Just when I think I have got a good percentage of the albums covered, more pop up! Looking back, there were seven releases from 2012 that we should have covered in 2012. Black Majesty, Devil’s Train, Nightmare, Obsession, Paradox, Perzonal War and Trail Of Murder. Better late than never. Enjoy my mini 2012 Backlog Reviews feature!

Once in a while I will discover that there is a long running, popular band that we have not reviewed any of their albums. It always catches me off guard and I think 'With over 8000 reviews in our database how could we not have discussed Band X'? Well, in this case that band is Perzonal War.

The band has been around since the late 90's and I recall buying their debut on the obscure Gernhart label in those heady days of the late 90's when there was the massive global explosion of new Power and thrash bands. I was buying up everything I could get my hands on. (See my Helloween-MASTER OF THE RINGS review for more detail) I bought the debut album THE INSIDE and while enjoyable it didn't blow me away, so I didn't revisit the band for several years. In mid 2012 Perzonal War has released their seventh album CAPTIVE BREEDING. The band is no longer on AFM having made the jump to Metalville. In the interim years the band has expanded from a trio to a quartet adding a new guitarist and bassist beefing up the sound.

This 13-song album runs about 56 minutes and features a really interesting cover. Green album a covers tend to stick out a bit more in Metal as the colour is not used as much, especially one on a small scale like this. Often Metal album covers are larger than life, rather than a close up of some wildlife. The band still struggles with English as the song titles often don’t make sense. Tracks like ‘Tongues Of Cleavage’, ‘The Unfailing System’ and ‘Tearing The Old’ just don’t sound right.

Perzonal War play a mix of Power and Thrash with some modern influences. I would perhaps draw musical parallels to Forte, Delirious, Imagika, Warhead, and as well as some of those other mid-90’s Power/Thrash bands. The sound has been in evolution for some years, some albums better than others and this time the bands sound has swung into something a bit more favourable to my ears. The song tempos vary nicely within the same song, fast and slow bits interchanging nicely. The vocals of Matthias Zimmer have a good gruff delivery kind of like James Hetfield without copying. The drumming of long time skin-pounder, Martin is very good, quite busy, lots of fills and cymbal work, which I always enjoy. The soloing is generally fast but not just shredding or pure speed. The songs also have a slight sense of intense groove, making it a fun listen.

I’m glad I have revisited Perzonal War. CAPTIVE BREEDING seems to be one of the better albums in the bands catalogue, of what I have heard, namely four of the seven. Certainly worth checking out for fans who are sick of the retro thrash movement but like it heavier than the wave of Power Metal currently going.
Track Listing

1. Regression of the Art
2. Tongues of Cleavage
3. Dead Man's Theories
4. Incarnation
5. The Cocoon
6. The Last Day
7. Lost
8. Unfailing System
9. Tearing the Old
10. Termination
11. The End
12. Candor Hurts
13. My Fate


Matthias Zimmer Vocals, Guitars
Andreas Ballnus Guitar
Björn Kluth Bass
Martin Buchwalter Drums



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