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Demo I
February 2013
Released: 2012, Helldprod
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having been formed in 2003 by Hailstorm, the 3 piece Black Metal outfit Mystical took shape with BHJS joining in 2005 and Viriato Soul two years later which led to a recording of the band’s first demo. The record has now been released by Hell D Prod in the form of 50 physical copies for Black Metallers to get their hands on.

‘O Principio’ wades in slowly with a murky atmospheric fashion with screams flooding in from the distance before pummelling into ‘Eternal Damnation’ which comes packed with speedy drumming, enraged guitars and shrieking vocals pervading through out. Following with, ‘The Curdled Heart’ many of the aforementioned elements can also be found here, with a slightly more versatile use of guitar riffs. Vocally, everything remains as relentlessly ferocious as ever, with a beast like growl towards the end to bring everything up a bar or two.

Some much welcomed melody leaks into ‘Torture of the Damned’ as the symphonic layering paves across the tightly executed double kick drumming, working harmoniously together before sinister guitar work floods your senses once again.


The record closes with ‘Do Fim’, which unfolds as a brief keyboard driven interlude which may have worked better mid-way as a bridge between the fury-engulfed sound of the previous tracks. This being said, it was good to see a different side to the band.

Overall, this was a fairly interesting sound by a band who will no doubt appeal to Black Metal loyalists. The traditional rusty production and raw sounding vitality of the genre are definitely intact within this two sided demo release. The songs in terms of duration were also short and clocked in around 2minutes (plus). Although this didn’t leave much in the way of diversity, Mystical appear to be taking a more hard-hitting stance when it comes to song writing and they do this really well. 


Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

Side A
1. O Principio…
2. Forças Ocultas
3. Eternal Damnation
4. The Cursed Earth

Side B
1. Torture Of The Damned
2. Danças Macabras
3. … Do Fim


Viriato Soul – Vocals
HailStorm – Drums Prog., Samples, Keys
BHJS - Guitars

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