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February 2013
Released: 2012, Svarga Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin, is a legendary musician of the Ukrainian Metal scene and is often recognized as a past member of the black metal band Nokturnal Mortum. Munruthel started his one-man band back in the 1997 focusing on folk/pagan metal with distinct black metal elements.

Munruthel’s fifth full-length studio album called VEROlomstvo (CREEDamage) has been released under Svarga Music label and is a result of 7 years of composing. It is an Ambient/ Folk/ Pagan Metal album that crosses any imaginative boundaries and offers a great mix of different styles and genres put together.

The opening track “Ardent Dance of War’s God” is an instrumental and soundtrack-like piece. It’s an epic way to kick things off, as it sounds majestic and gives the listener a promising first impression of what’s to follow. It leads into the 2nd track of the album “Rolls of Thunder from Fiery Skies” that presents the true essence of this album where black metal alternates with classical instruments like, cellos, violins and flutes.

The title track “CREEDamage” is the perfect song to listen to and get the right impression of the whole album and what it is all about. It opens with a spoken word sample that leads into a beautiful mixture where growling vocals and sharp guitar riffs play alongside melodic instrumentation produced by an orchestra.

What differences CREEDamage from Munruthel’s previous albums is that most of the songs are written in English. Most likely it is the case that with this album Munruthel is aiming for a bigger and broader audience. Still, a part of the songs on CREEDamage remain in the original language, which gives the album more of an authentic feel and makes us struggle to find out what the songs are about.

“The Eyes of Abyss” is a song where Munruthel proves his vocal competence to be as strong and significant as his ability to compose and perform music. By adding his signature growled vocals, “The Eyes of Abyss” is a beautiful contrast between aggressive black metal and majestic classical and folk music.

To diversify the material of CREEDamage, Munruthel has collaborated with different singers. “The Mown Dawns Lie on the Ground” features Masha Scream, the singer of Arkona, showing off her spectacular vocal skills in the best tradition of Ukrainian folklore. As well as that, another guest appearance on the album is by Wulfstand of Forefather on the cover version of “The Lake” by Bathory.

While listening to CREEDamage, a bit of imagination won’t harm, as the music is so characteristic it tells stories and creates different scenes and images without necessarily having to use lyrics. The album finishes with an epic three-part concept piece “Krada.” It is the perfect ending for such instrumentally abstract record and each part of the piece is a grand orchestral composition.

Munruthel’s music is not going to appeal to each metal fan, as it is specific in almost every way. It is impossible to pigeonhole CREEDamage and work out what genre it belongs to, because it is musically too extensive. You get elements of Folk, Pagan, Black and even Viking metal. Then there’s Classical music presented in a mixture with some serious Thrash metal drumming and the most epic guitar solos. It’s something that is difficult to work out, but once you hear it, you know it is something special.

Once again Munruthel has proved himself as a talented and experienced artist. Any other record that has so many different musical styles moulded together might sound confusing, but Munruthel creates music in such elegant way that it that makes perfect sense.

Review by Anna Dumpe
Track Listing

1. Ardent Dance of War’s God
2. Rolls of Thunder from Fiery Skies
3. CREEDamage
4. The Mown Dawns Lie On The Ground - feat. Masha
5. The Age of Heroes
6. The Lake (BATHORY cover) - feat. Wulfstan (FOREFAT
7. The Eyes of Abyss
8. Carpathians’ Shield
9. Krada I: The Blood
10. Krada II: The Surya
11. Krada III: The Fire


Vladislav "Munruthel" Redkin

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